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Development Dads - Naturally? - Prenatal

Updated on March 7, 2015


Latching On

What a phrase! 'Latching On' is indeed descriptive, but I think there should be a more nurturing and gentler phrase for describing this moment between mother and child. A friend came up with 'Suction Success' but that didn't get it either. Regardless, this moment can be wondrous but, if unsuccessful, can also be a bit traumatic. Here's our story.

I stayed three days and two nights with Joy and Taylor in the hospital, but I remember all to well Joy's first attempt at breast feeding. The first morning a nurse woke us up early and started attending to Joy. A few minutes later, the doctor came in to go through his routine. Then, a few minutes after that another nurse came in with Taylor and immediately tried to get her to latch on. Joy was overwhelmed, weak from the C-Section, and nervous that four people were staring intensely at her. Well of course Taylor would not latch on. Joy got more upset which made me upset and then Taylor started to cry because she was hungry. I just wanted everyone to leave Joy and Taylor alone so they could calmly figure it out. It was to late, Taylor was hungry. So Taylor’s first few meals in her mother’s arms that day came out of a bottle.

By the next day, Taylor finally latched on and the mother-daughter-bonding was complete. When we got home and away from all the experts, breast feeding became easier and much more natural. Watching Joy feed Taylor and then watching with moist yet happy eyes as my baby immediately fell into a blissful sleep in her arms is the most beautiful and touching memory I carry with me from those first days of nurturing.

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