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Development Dads - Chloe Appleseed - Toddler

Updated on September 30, 2015

Chloe Appleseed

Reflect or compete? Whatever works.

For several months, Taylor was a very messy eater. You couldn't trust her with a spoon because she either used it as a drumstick or as a catapult. However, her messy eating habits changed completely in one day. It happened when we were getting ready to order ice cream cones at a local parlor. As we were standing there in line, a girl about Taylor's age was walking by eating chocolate; or, better said, the chocolate ice cream was eating the girl's face. Taylor then looked up at us and by the look on her face we knew she totally disapproved of this look. From that point on, she became seemingly obsessed with keeping her face clean for she wiped her mouth with a napkin after ever bite of food from that point on.

We did remember this incident and thought that this self reflection or peer competitiveness could work in other areas. So, when we were potting training her and getting nowhere, one of us said, "You know Elizabeth is younger than you and she is already potty trained." That's all we had to say. That afternoon she came running into the kitchen and proclaimed. "I used the potty and cleaned myself!"

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