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Development Dads - Father Fun - Adult

Updated on March 27, 2015

Father Fun

The Club

When I was a kid, I could run from neighborhood to neighborhood and play with dozens of friends. The parents in each neighborhood watched out for us, protected us, and also reprimanded us if we got out of line.

Now most neighborhoods are different and we found that we had to transport Taylor by car for play dates. So I built a clubhouse to attract Taylor's friends to our home. It worked. 'The Club' became a hot spot. I also hung a variety of swings from the perfect tree so that the girls could swing back and forth and chat with each other for hours.

Within a few years, Taylor had the idea of transforming the clubhouse once a year into the 'Haunted Club House'. Little did I know that it would become the most popular trick or treat venue in our suburb. Taylor and I would start production at the beginning of October and by Halloween eve, neighborhood kids were chomping at the bits to see what new scary things we had added. Parents commented every year, "My kid has been bugging for me the entire month to make sure we came to the clubhouse. Please keep doing this. The kids love it, and so do we!" So, it continues on. By the way, it is designed for the little kids - no monsters jump out and try to grab them. The kids, however, do have to go inside to collect their treats positioned on a small table below the outstretched hands of a six feet tall Grim Reaper whose face, when sound activated, glows and cries out to the kids. The older kids still love it but their fright wanes from year to year.

The Haunted Club House

Just For A Few Hours

Halloween Haiku for Taylor

Gouging out triangles, she imagines flames and horrific delights.

Denizens of burbs haunt the aisles for the macabre and devour sugar.

Linen apparitions swaying from limbs, fail too to frighten birds.

She watches the creepy and eerie wretched adorn evil spirits.

Soap spirits – toilet paper goblins; parked cars and trees shiver til morn.

As vampire, she is reassured of its myth then smiles to show her fangs.

Monsters scurry from yard to yard but in their midst so goes an angel.

Morbid creatures wait to attack as she cautiously seeks their doorbell.

Ravaging candies bloodying the floor as the mask muffles her shrieks.

Useful For You - Useful To Me

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