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Development Dads - Queens Are Wild - Prepubescent

Updated on March 8, 2015

Queens Are Wild

Girl Scout Startup

I know that at least every other parent has a soccer story to relate, but this dad is going to tell you his anyway.

It was her first attempt at soccer came at the age of four. She was enthusiastic at practice. She was aggressive trying to get the ball away from her dad. She could dribble. She was fast. Dad was asked to became the assistant coach. The team had great scrimmages. Everything was perfect. The team was ready for the big test, the first game.

The first of the six game season started and so did the “swarm”. If you don’t know what the “swarm” is, picture a queen bee as the soccer ball and the worker bees as a bunch of four year olds. Of course when you do see a swarm of bees there is always a few of them flying around the swarm. There’s probably a bee reason for this, and, of course, she had her reason as she ran around and around the swarm. Every time the assistant coach told her that she should get in there and mix it up she’d roll her eyes at him and say, “Da-ad, - I’m waiting for the ball to come out.” When the ball finally popped out of the swarm and came in her direction, she froze and watched it go by until it was enveloped again.

She kicked the ball once the first game, three times the second game, and five times the third game. She didn’t try to dribble the ball toward the goal or even contemplate a scoring opportunity. She just wanted to give it a kick in any direction just to say she did it. By the fourth game, she didn’t really care if she got in the game or not. Dad remembers thinking then that soccer was probably not going to be her thing. Maybe long distance running. She did run around in circles for the entire course of each game.

Week five, game five. She is running around the swarm, the ball comes out, she kicks it, and a player runs into her to trying to get to the ball. To her surprise, the girl falls down. She stands there for a second looking at him, smiles, and then turns and heads right into the eye of the swarm. For the rest of the game, her dad had this huge grin on his face.

Week six, final game six. She is still in there mixing it up. She gets a break away. “Wow!”, her dad exclaims to himself, “she’s heading for the goal. Go girl, - go girl, - go girl. – Oh no!” She’s alone. She’s out in front. She’s one on one. She’s got control. She, she, she stubs her toe and falls. Dad is beside himself but no one knows except his wife.

She pops up, looks back at her dad, and, unaffectedly, gives him a grin. Dad returns the smile and gives her a quick applause. Dad is happy. He sees success. Dad can’t wait until next season because he has been asked to be a co-head coach.

During the season-ending picnic, the Co-Coach walks up to his daughter, gets down on one knee, and says, “Hey, - listen. Coach George wants me to coach with him next season. – But I’m only going to coach if you are going to play.” She does not respond. “It is completely up to you. – If you want to play that is great. – If you don’t want to play that is also great. – I only want you to do what you want to do. – Ok?” She confirms with a nod and then looks into her dad’s eyes. “I don’t want to play soccer next season. I want to be in the Daisies.”

Dad is truly tested. Dad quickly forces a smile and says, “Great. – Ok. – That’s great.” He stands up, takes her hand, and walks back toward the picnic tables. “What in the heck are Daisies?”, he asks himself.

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