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Development Dads - A Man's World? - Prepubescent

Updated on March 8, 2015

A Man's World?

An Observation

Each time I dropped off Taylor to day care, I noticed the same scene each morning.

All of the girls were huddled quietly in one corner either playing board games, reading books, or doing art work. In the other corner, the boys were loud and either running around chasing each other, banging on things, taking things apart, or bouncing off each other.

When a boy would stray off and get close to the girls, they all would turn and glare at him with disdain - as if to say, "Stay over there with the other boys".

When I would pick her up, there was more interaction between them and sometimes they were actually playing together. Maybe it took the girls time to adjust to them and get friendly, or maybe it was the teachers who thought up different ways to get them to interact, or maybe as the day wore on testosterone subsided.

This continued on through elementary school years until about the sixth grade. That was when Taylor and her friends starting playing with the boys during recess.

I sure would like to hear some comments about this topic.

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