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Development Dads - Heat Or Cold Wave? - Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

Heat or Cold Wave?

Shop Until She Says "Drop"?

Unremorseful but Guilty

OK, I was the father who was banned from toy stores by his wife. Guilty.

Here is why I was sidelined. I remember it well because it was a very enjoyable Saturday morning I spent at Toys R Us with my three year old daughter.

When we left for the toy store, the primary intent was to buy Taylor some Poly Pockets. As we went down the aisles to find them, I lost control and started buying other toys with which she fell in love. Then we moved into the big ticket items and I went crazy. In short, rather than leaving the store with a twenty five dollar purchase, we left with fourteen hundred dollars worth of goods.

We filled up the back of the SUV, and then I had to tie down an Igloo playground set on top of the car. When I pulled up to the house and Joy came out to see us, I got the stare, the one that goes right through you. Of course, Taylor was so excited about all of the toys she now had that Joy couldn't reprimand me in front of her.

To allow Joy to mellow out, Taylor and I remained outside the rest of the day putting things together and enjoying the playground set. Later that evening when Taylor was out of ear shot, Joy calmly but firmly said to me. "You are not allowed to take Taylor out shopping by yourself again; and, you cannot go to a toy store without me." I figured that these purchases were good for at least a few years, so I thought that maybe Joy would forget these new demands by then. But, she didn't.

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