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Development Dads - Gritting Diplomacy - Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

Gritting Diplomacy


Nature versus Nurture. Genetics versus Environment. Joy reads story after story to Taylor. I make up stories and tell them to her. Taylor is constantly making up stories to tell me or one of her stuffed animals. How about the way she rolls her eyes and cocks her head to the side when she expresses disbelief just like her mother? Is this a genetic thing or an environment thing? Is it both? Does it matter if it’s either or both? It’s more fascinating, for me, to lean toward the DNA evidence, but soon there is quandary as I cock my head and roll my eyes. I guess that’s why there are so many books written about it. My take on it? As long as she exhibits “normal” behavior, she’s good to go; but, if she doesn’t and we can’t figure it out and correct it, send in the “experts”. The question then, from which school of thought?

Can you make your kid a prodigy if neither parent is a prodigy? Or are prodigies made by getting 'genius genes'? Can two genius parents have a child that is just average? Can those geniuses work with this average child to create a genius?

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