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Development Dads - Scarcely Part-Time - Infant and Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

Scarcely Part-Time

Grandfather's Knee Pads

My closest friend who lives in Ohio and is a grandfather of two with another on the way, thought that he'd be considerate and care for his grandchildren, a toddler and a three year old, for an entire week while his son and daughter in-law took a well-needed vacation. They live in Minnesota. Here are few excerpts of his experience.

After the first day of complete care, he was so exhausted that he went to bed the same time the kids did at nine o'clock. However, as he is a deep sleeper, he could not get into a restful sleep. He woke himself up every hour that first night to check on the kids.

The next day he took the kids out shopping. In Target, while he was looking for knee pads for himself, the toddler had a movement that soiled his outfit. So, he changed him, put him in the cart in only his diaper, and then shopped for another outfit to re-clothe him in the store. The knee pads? He found a pair so that he could crawl around on the floor and play with the kids pain free for the rest of the week.

When it was nap time for the kids in the afternoon, he wanted to join them; but, afraid that he would fall into a deep sleep, he cleaned the house instead.

It took him three days to get into a rhythm with the kids, get used to their routines, and finally get some restful sleep at night. By the fourth day, he finally had enough energy to stay up until eleven before he collapsed.

By the end of the week, he said had it down to a science. He was on schedule, his nerves were under control, he was having tons of fun, and the kids were loving his attentiveness. When the parents came home, they were very impressed that the house was clean and the kids were in great shape.

As he was driving back to Ohio, he felt great that he had a successful week but noted that he had several sighs of relief that he now only had to take care of himself.

He did leave the knee pads.

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