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Development Dads - What Could Be More Paramount? -Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

What Could Be More Paramount?

Another Taylor Poem

Taylor loves to dance, but alone. In the evenings, she will turn on the radio and walk and dance around the den by herself. She calls it her time to unwind and think creative thoughts. She walks and dances around the furniture for over an hour. She always seems to be at her happiest during this time. I tried to capture her rhythm, her meter, her clarity of thought through motion.

My Daughter’s Dance

Step to step

to spin to stretch and step

and twirl around and spin to forms

and forming motion to glide

and back to shapes to demonstrate

of shaping movements in vanity fantasy and moving

around and around in unison to beat to step to spin to move

to motion to attract and then to seek

attractive motion sensation of sensuous motion

of physique in exercise to the step to step mobility

to gain in stretch to bend to bow to the physical shape

of vanity reality and then back again

to step to step to turn to spin to stretch to kneel to bow.

Dance to dance.

Revealing step to turn to move a dance to copy and repeat

and be of all forms shapes to move to step to step

to walk the turns of dance to dance of forms to glide

to watch to know to step to leap to move the faces by and step again to see

the private display in dance to dance to step to flow erasing the sense.

Dance to dance, around and around until she finds it clear.

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