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Development Dads - Meconium Changes - Neonate

Updated on March 7, 2015

Meconium Changes


Ok, I know. I can’t explain it, but it’s not gross if you’ve been there – done that; and, of course, it's your kid. This meconium conversation, as with most of the conversations depicted throughout, did actually occur.

The B. Single character was created mostly from the personality of a software engineer named Brad who sat across from me in the development department. During the “real life” conversation, Brad jumped out of his chair and yelled “Ok, that’s enough! This is disgusting! – I can’t believe you guys are standing there talking about baby #?&% (poop)”! Of course, he was ignored and the conversation continued on as he begrudgingly settled back in his chair to write some more code.

A few minutes later another father joined the conversation and told the story about how Samantha, his daughter, had difficulty at birth because she had her first bowel movement before birth. When he described how she looked when delivered, Brad calmly got out of his chair and left the area. We all surmised, as he walked away shaking his head in disgust or nausea, that he truly had had enough or was headed toward the men's room.

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