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Development Dads - Hopes Dashed On The Slopes - Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

Hopes Dashed On The Slopes

Way To Go Dad!

I admit it. This is my sledding story that I obviously will not forget.

When Taylor was two years old, I thought it was time that I took her sledding. After all, I had purchased a sled the year before. So, off we went all bundled up in layers and totally excited. The park was about ten minutes away by car and its hills were perfect for little ones. When we arrived, there were mostly fathers and kids all over the hills sledding in various colorful contraptions.

As I predicted, Taylor wanted to go for it right away but not alone. “With you, daddy, with you”. So we positioned ourselves at the top of the hill and waited patiently for clearance. As soon as I pushed off, I realized that this plastic sled was fast. About ten more yards down the hill, I visualized that we would never stop before the parking lot and the accumulation of vans and SUVs!

I immediately lifted my feet out of the sled and tried to slow us with my heels. Near the bottom, one of my heels caught too deeply into the snow and we made a sharp turn to the right. No, we made too sharp of a turn to the right, because, in about a second, we were off the sled. I held her tight and kept her on top of me as we continued on for at least another ten yards. We ate what seemed to be a ton of snow before we stopped. I thought it was very exciting and tried quickly to transfer this feeling with triumphant cheers. Alas, she was not only petrified but was experiencing her first face full of snow.

She cried most of the way home. When we entered our home, Taylor immediately ran to her mom and started crying again. Joy, at first, looked curiously at me; but, when she saw my expression, she realized that dad had indeed screwed up the sledding adventure. I knew then that the orange plastic sled would hang in the garage with dad’s hopes disparaged for the rest of that winter and quite possibly the next.

A couple of days later one of Taylor's friends came over and Taylor asked me if they could sled on the small hill beside our yard. I think she said that just to see this big grin cover my face.

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