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Development Dads - Rated PG - Toddler

Updated on March 7, 2015

Rated PG

So How Do You Tell Them?

I don't know about you, but the most difficult and heart wrenching topic that we had to have with Taylor was about good versus evil. From age 0 to 3, Taylor had not experienced violence or evil because she had been protected from this darkness in our home. By 3, however, it was time for her to experience more children in the day care environment. We knew we had to prepare her for this event by discussing that she might come in contact with humans that may be mean to her and possibly try to hurt her.

In was heart wrenching for us to tell her that there were bad people out there and she had to be careful. That she had to tell us right away if anyone did or said something to her that she didn't like. We could see in her eyes and behavior that this frightened her, and we felt terrible that we had to expose her psyche to this reality. It was as if we were damaging her loving and trusting nature. It upset us and still upsets us, but we knew we had to prepare her. We knew that we had to discuss each bad event with her so that she could learn how to detect it, deal with it, and rise above it to remain loving and trustful to those who deserved it.

When you have say to child "Don't talk to strangers." and your child asks "Why?", how do you tell her or him the truth without making them fearful of talking to anyone?

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