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Development Dads - Affirm the Negation? - Toddler

Updated on September 30, 2015

Affirm The Negation?

Parental Easter Egg Hunt

We tried to go to a public Easter egg hunt (pickup) once at the zoo. Taylor was a toddler so we had to show up for the first time set aside for infants and toddlers. Traffic nearing the zoo was horrendous that spring morning and we ended up stuck in traffic in front of the zoo gate at the time the hunt was about to commence. On the other side of the fence there was a sloped grassy area about the size of two backyards. Spread all over the area in plain view were hundreds of colored hard boiled eggs. There was still dew on the grass. At the top of the slope there was a line of at least fifty parents with strollers intermixed with about a hundred toddlers. Then, while we watched from the street, the pickup started and off rolled some cautious parents with strollers and off ran some frenzied parents with kids in tow. The directionless toddlers ran here and there trying to pick up the wet and smeary eggs while not getting run over by strollers. We watched the entire event from the car and soon felt that we were lucky to be stuck in traffic. About halfway down the slope, the kids and parents had food coloring all over their hands and clothes. The parents with the strollers had run over a lot of the eggs so there were toddlers who were picking up broken eggs and then mixing egg white, yoke, and shell with the other colors smeared over their clothes. A few of the kids were even trying to eat the eggs. Some of the more mischievous boys discovered that it was cool to throw these broken eggs at each other and anyone else in range. The parents who wished they too were stuck in traffic had already grabbed up their children and were walking back up the slope to find some place to clean up. But there were some who didn’t mind the mess and the absurdity of the event. These people made it all the way to the bottom grabbing every hard boiled egg in sight.

I wondered as I pulled into a driveway to turn around "Did these people really like to eat this many hard boiled eggs, or was there a retrieval prize? Why didn’t the zoo use plastic eggs with treats and prizes inside? Didn’t anyone think about the wet grass and how it would affect the eggs? Are these infants in the strollers cognizant of what their parents are doing? Will we soon hear that the zoo was sued because an eggshell got stuck in a kid’s throat?"

I then tried to remember where I stored that box of plastic eggs we hung on a tree one year. Taylor has never been into eating eggs let alone the hard boiled kind so it was easy to convince her that this was not the egg hunt for her. I told her that we were going home to have a great “find the egg treasures” that day, which we did and have ever since.

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