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Development Dads - The Simple Pleasures - Toddler

Updated on March 8, 2015

The Simple Pleasures

Our Rec Room Sofa

In our basement rec room sits a dark cardinal red leather sofa that divides Taylor's play area from the TV viewing area. I love this sofa not only because it is comfortable, extremely durable, but it is where Taylor would spend hours leaning on my shoulder as we watched her Disney movies. Even when I would watch a sporting event, she would come down with her favorite blanky, cuddle up with me, and ask me questions about the game until she nodded off.

When I finished exercising or working outside for long hours on the lawn and gardens, I would lie down on the floor behind the sofa and Taylor would hold onto the back and then walk up and down on my back giving me the greatest massage.

This sofa is also where we eat carry out. Whenever we ordered a pizza or got a fast food carryout, we'd spread the food out on the coffee table in front of the sofa, pick out a good movie and chow down. Taylor always sat between us and she was the last to confirm the movie we would watch together.

I will never relinquish this couch to a garage sale, Goodwill, or to anyone unless Taylor wants it for her first apartment. It talks to me of memories and of close family moments to come.

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