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Development Dads - On - Two - Three On Daddy! - Toddler

Updated on January 29, 2016

One - Two - Three On Daddy!

How Quickly One Can Become Frantic

When Taylor was two years old, we moved to the 'burbs' from the city to, of course, a better school district. Over the weekend we unpacked as much as we could before I had to return to work on Monday. Joy thought she would spend that day unpacking the kitchen while Taylor ran around exploring the house. It was a ranch with a finished basement so we had to gate the stairway to the basement. It was a warm summer day, so Joy opened the sliding door off the kitchen to let in some air through its screen; however, she did not lock the screen door.

After unpacking a few boxes, she carried the empties out to the garage. When she returned, she could not find Taylor. She called out for her and searched every room on the floor. even though the basement steps was gaited, she still ran down to the basement and searched every where. By then, Joy was already in a state of panic and was about to enter frantic. She ran back upstairs and quickly searched again. She then saw that the screen door from the kitchen to the deck had not been completely closed. She ran out onto the deck and then completely around the house yelling and screaming for her lost child. Taylor was nowhere to be found.

When she circled back to the deck, she looked to the neighboring house and noticed that an elderly woman was bent over talking to someone. The shrubbery running along this deck covered its balusters and railing. The woman then looked up and spotted Joy, smiled, waved, and called out "She's over here!". Joy, with tears streaming down her face, then ran over to retrieve her daughter; and, of course, got very familiar with the new neighbor.

When I came home later that day, Joy was still in an emotional mess. Within minutes she was in my arms crying her heart out about the incident. We tried to figure out in why Taylor had wandered off as she had never attempted anything like before. As Joy carried Taylor back in her arms from the neighbor's house, Taylor said she was just trying to find out what the neighbors were like. Then I remembered what I had said that morning before I left for work. I was standing in the kitchen looking out through the window at the neighbor's house, "Sure hope we have some nice neighbors". Well, I guess Taylor was just being social and trying to find out, and that she was thoughtful enough to close the screen door behind her.

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