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Development Dads - Co-oping - Toddler

Updated on March 8, 2015


Lead Them To water

B. Single (aka Ross) actually did direct four fathers in the department to find day care solutions.

Consequently the wives of these fathers got together and formed a day care swap for two years until the kids reached kindergarten age. All were working part-time jobs for these years, and, instead of using their income to pay for day care, they could use this money elsewhere - like investing into their kid's college fund.

For the first few weeks, it was kind of hectic but soon they got scheduling, meals, activities, and unexpected events down to a science. Each father would also take a day off now and then to relieve their wife who was the day care giver.

It was real successful endeavor and the kids, two girls and two boys, became great friends. The parents also admitted that were very fortunate in that they all got along very well as it made it easier on their kids and also gave them peace of mind that their kids were being cared for conscientiously and educationally.

Ross, of course, was pleased that he had led them to water and also at ease that his contribution kept these fathers from bugging him further about getting married and becoming a father.

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