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Development Dads - Equal Turmoil? - Toddler

Updated on March 29, 2015

Equal Turmoil?

Who Really Rules?

Why is it that I hear this statement almost everyday from men "I have to ask the wife first"? I asked a guy the other day, "I like those cargo shorts. Where did you get them?" He immediately replied, "Don't know, have to ask the wife, she buys all my clothes. - Better taste."

I must admit that I also defer, constantly. If there ever is decision to be made concerning our home, job, social activity, whatever, I think first to ask Joy. Is it because we have a partnership that enables us to equally discuss any topic that affects our lives; or, is it because she makes better decisions, has better insight, has a keener skill of projection? Or, is it because I don't want to make a decision?

The more married men I talk to, the more I realize that most do not run the show - they support the show. As a matter of feeling, I think that there probably wouldn't be a show without women.

I know, I know there are men out there who control everything in their lives. They make all the decisions, all the rulings, and many actually think that a woman is not competent enough to be the boss let alone be a partner. I know less and less of these types, and, in truth, am happy for it. More than likely, the woman behind the boss is actually in control but uses a weird submissive reverse psychology to keep him unaware. Benefit of the doubt, as you will.

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