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Development Dads - How Much Is Too Much For Whom? - Prepubescent

Updated on March 8, 2015

How Much Is Too Much For Whom?

"I'm missing too much."

In a previous episode, I broad-stroked Taylor's early career as a volleyball player. So how did it all come out when she reached her sophomore year in high school?

When it was Taylor's freshman year, she had caught up and surpassed many of the best players in the area. She easily made her freshman team and played well enough to serve out a few games and also close a few more with crucial kills. Her coach really relied on her as she was a steady player and played better as game pressure mounted. She was being looked at by the varsity coach and was praised be teammates as an all-around player. The extra training and money had worked.

In the summer, Taylor worked even harder and participated in two high school summer camps. And then, in the final tournament right before the high school season was to commence, Taylor did not play well. She had lost focus, her best attribute. Joy and I were really confused as Taylor had been consistently playing her best. On the way home, we were quietly awaiting Taylor's evaluation of her play as she normally and freely provided. Her first statement was, "I'm missing too much". Of course I said, "What, your serve, spikes, - what?". And then she said something unexpected but indeed astounding and rewarding. "I am missing Latin club, environmental club. I want to concentrate more on my studies, my art work, and everything but sports."

I looked over at Joy and we both had the same expression. I slowly looked at Taylor through the rear view mirror and calmly said, "Any kid who says that she'd rather be in Latin club than on a volleyball team, definitely gets my vote." I waited for her smile and then said, "I am prouder of you at this moment than any time I can remember."

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