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Development Dads - La Savage? - Prepubescent

Updated on March 8, 2015

La Savage?

Circle To Your Right

Everyday when Taylor came home from school she would give us a detailed report of what she had experienced academically and socially. She loved chattering away about her day just as her parents did about their work day. When Taylor reached third grade, we noticed that she was reporting more about confrontations that were occurring in school. A few times each week she would tell us about a fist fight that had occurred on the playground between boys and also the verbal fights that were happening between girls. We then started preparing ourselves for the day she came home to discuss an altercation that had involved her, but fortunately it never happened that year.

One day, however, she approached me after school and said, "Dad would you teach me the boxing stance?" Of course the first thing I said was, "Why? Are you going to get into a fight?" and then, "Is there someone threatening you?" But, to my relief, she calmly said, "No, but today two boys were going to fight and one of them got into a boxing stance and looked like he really knew what he was doing. - And then the other boy backed off." She then smiled and said, "So, I figured if you teach me, then, if it does happen to me, I will be intimidating."

So, I taught her, and took it a little further. I explained that if the person squaring off with her also knew what to do then maybe she should learn how to throw a left jab and a right cross just in case. At first she didn't want to because she didn't want to hurt anyone but then thought that maybe she better learn to protect herself just in case someone wanted to hurt her.

We had several boxing lessons with a great deal of time spent on defense and the counter punch because I knew she was not the type of person who would throw the first punch. She also is a good dancer so she quickly learned how to keep her dukes up to protect her face while circling to her right on her toes to avoid getting tagged by a right hook.

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