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Development Dads - Negligible Neglect - Prepubescent

Updated on March 25, 2015

Negligible Neglect

Get It All Out As Fast As You Can

When Taylor came home from school, she would immediately work on her homework before dinner. She wanted to get it out of the way so she could do her own thing the rest of the evening.

As soon as we sat down to eat, she would jabber away, non stop, about her day at school. We would just sit there, listen, and smile a lot as she got it all out. She would go on and on talking about her teachers, her friends, any special activities, and anything that she could think of that she thought we wanted to hear.

And then, after dinner, she would ignore us as she went about the business of playing, listening to her music, and usually drawing something. She never had a problem with winding down before bedtime and typically she was asleep within minutes of her head hitting the pillow.

She consistently told us that she loved talking with us because we listened and were into anything she had to say. Open communication has always been our strongest suit.

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