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Development Dads - One On Two - Toddler

Updated on March 14, 2015

One On Two

So, what about an only child?

If you've read but a few of these episodes, you 'll realize that our Taylor is an only child. Before she was born we both were aware of all the negative and positive syndromes that have been leveled on the only, first, middle, and last born child. So here are the generalizations.

The only child is selfish, the oldest child is bossy, the middle child is neglected, and the youngest child is spoiled.

The only child and oldest child score highest in achievement motivation and adjusting to new situations; the middle child is more outgoing and flexible; and the youngest child is more ambitious and competitive.

There are many reasons why parents only have one child; but, the biggie is financial - just take a look at college expenses as a prime example. We, however, went with the personal preference reason. We were totally happy with Taylor and just didn't feel the need to have more children. In knowing the possibility that we could overdo parenting one child, we remain conscientious and dedicated in guiding her to experience a positive development. What has helped us most in this wonderful endeavor is that we have always welcomed her critique of our parenting skills. So, Taylor, how are the parents of an only child doing?

Useful For You - Useful To Me

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