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Development Dads - Timing Is Essential - Toddler

Updated on March 16, 2015

Timing Is Essential


In our immediate neighborhood, there were only two kids, a boy and girl, the same age as Taylor. We knew that the girl would be attending kindergarten with Taylor but we had no idea of the boy. As a matter of fact, the boys parents never let him hang around with Taylor or any other kids in the neighborhood. He had four older brothers, and, in the three years we had lived there, we never had one conversation with any of them either. Whenever there a chance of a greeting, the boys and the parents shied away as if we were contagious.

Anyway, just days before Taylor was to start public school, Joy and I had the opportunity to speak with these parents as they were taking an evening walk and we were doing yard work. We took the initiative and forced a greeting. We then asked them if there youngest was ready for kindergarten. The mother with an abruptness said, "We don't believe in the public school system. We home school all of our children." I wanted to just let it pass and say , "That's great!", but I didn't. Instead I asked, "Oh, I take it that your an educator that can teach a wide range of subjects?" She, quickly replied as if she had replied to the question many times, "There are a group of us from our church and we all teach."

Joy, who was standing close to me, gave me a slight touch in my back which signaled that I should just drop this conversation immediately. So, I did, kind of, - I just had to say, "You know, Joy and I believe that home schooling is very important. We not only home school but also utilize the public education system to allow Taylor to also learn from professionals and also make sure that she is acclimating to the real world."

Not sure, but I think that was last conversation we have had with them in years.

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