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Development Dads - To Render A Sacred Obligation - Adult

Updated on April 11, 2015

To Render A Sacred Obligation


Carl, my sentiments exactly. But ...

  • How many parents know that when your baby sees your lips when you speak s/hewill learn how to speak faster with an increased vocabulary?
  • How mothers and fathers hold and shower love on their babies at every opportunity?
  • How many read everyday to their babies?
  • How many continually expose their babies to shapes, colors, music, and art at every opportunity?
  • How many attend every single parent-teacher conference?
  • How many attend every activity in which their children participate?
  • How many fathers know that during the entire adolescent stage a daughter needs attention and love from a father more so than her mother?
  • How many really listen to their children?
  • How many parents constantly give their children positive reinforcement?
  • How many parents love their children more than life itself?
  • How many parents teach their children at every opportunity?
  • How many want their child to achieve more than what they have achieved?

As with Carl's start at explaining how wonderful being a father is, these questions barely scratch the surface of what parents should be asking themselves each and every moment of their child's development. Parenting, in my opinion, is the most important responsibility, meaningful experience, and accomplishment in my life. All else pales in comparison. But that is me, how about you?

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