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Development Dads - Universals - Toddler

Updated on March 8, 2015



When Taylor was born, we lived in a city suburb. It had 100 year old houses that had all been rehabbed over the years. The streets were lined with tall trees as old as the houses and there were sidewalks. We lived there for two more years until we moved to a new outskirt suburb that had a better school district, newer houses, cul-de-sacs everywhere, but no sidewalks.

One of our favorite treks was to load Taylor up in the wagon and pull her on long walks to the grocery store just to pick up a few items. We were safe on the sidewalks and felt like we were a part of each neighborhood we passed. It reminded us of when we were kids. We wished that we could stay but it was still part of the city. We didn't walk to the grocery store after dark, most of the homes were inhabited by young professionals or empty-nesters who had moved back to the city from the burbs, and the small parks no longer had play areas for kids.

In the new suburb, people still take walks, run, bicycle, and push strollers along the streets. Those in cars watch out for these travelers because almost all live there and want to keep it safe for the kids. There are enormous parks with multiple play areas but you have to drive to get there. It is nice, quiet, respectable, and there are lots of kids; but, the kids do not run from neighborhood to neighborhood to play with their friends as we did. They are transported in vans for play dates and sleep overs. Times have changed. We miss the sidewalks and the tall trees shading those old neighborhoods. When Taylor goes off to college, we'll probably return.

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