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Development Dads - Who Owns It? - Toddler

Updated on March 8, 2015

Who Owns It?

The Cat From Hell

Taylor and I tried every thing to convince Joy that we should have a dog. The key word there was 'tried'. She did, however, consent to a cat. So, we visited a litter of month old kittens and Taylor picked out the friskiest one.

By the end of the month, that frisky little monster had turned our home upside down. First off he was not a cuddle creature so Taylor could not pet him or give him affection without being bitten. He climbed on everything and the more he was reprimanded the worse he became. He dug into all houseplants and made a mess every where. Taylor couldn't walk across the floor without him attacking her ankles. Every five minutes one of us was yelling at him. Taylor hid from him, Joy hated him, and I wanted a dog that would eat him.

Every time we left him alone, he would destroy something; and, if we locked him in the laundry room when we left, his behavior was ten times worse we returned. Our peaceful and tranquil existence was soon a thing of the past. We finally gave up and I took him to a shelter. The lady who ran the place said that she knew a farmer that would take in this type of rowdy cat and put him to work in the his barn running off rodents. "Better them than us", I thought to myself.

Later, of course, Taylor and I secretly blamed Joy because she wouldn't let us have a dog.

Useful For You - Useful To Me

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