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Different Girl Names Types

Updated on February 12, 2020
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Premina Parker, is a parenting advisor. She is the author, most recently, parenting blog called Genbabycarrier. Her work has helped Time

Genealogy based names

Choosing a name for a baby, you can pay tribute to your relatives, for example, naming a child in honor of a mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother. That is, to give the girl a name that was once in fashion.

Now, these names are rarely called, so be sure that your child will be unique. For example, Maria (bitter, desirable, serene), Raisa (central, comfortable, relaxed), Prokofya (successful, leading), Love (faith, hope), Faith (faith, service to God). Family names usually evoke memories. Just go to your family tree and find out the names of your ancestors. Perhaps such an excursion into history will reveal unusual names for you, even those that you have never heard.

Try to choose a beautiful name for the girl that is easy to pronounce and remember. Nobody likes it when his name is distorted, although this is a common problem that many face. Names reflect religion, community, place of birth, but not personality. As the child does not get the meaning of his name, he will melt to understand this.

When choosing a name, try to find one that your girl will be proud of, and when she starts talking, she will pronounce it. We hope that this article will help you choose the most beautiful, most worthy, and noble name for your baby.

Celebrity names for girls

Celebrity names have always been favorites. It is something like a trend and an indicator of style. Here is some of them:

  1. Aradhya: taking care
  2. Charlotte: freeman
  3. Elise: The Oath of God
  4. Frankie: free
  5. Josie: with God's help
  6. June: young
  7. Ophelia: help
  8. Paris: gorgeous, glamorous
  9. Nora: shining light
  10. Kate: clean

Muslim names for a girl

These names are not very common and, as a rule, are accessible mainly in the Muslim community. But it also can be considered by you.

  1. Adah: reward
  2. Adyla: honest and equal
  3. Abir: aroma
  4. Afaf: virtuous, pure and dignified
  5. Aleem: scientist, wise
  6. Alia: the sublime
  7. Atia: a gift

Beautiful Hindu names for girls

Below are a few Hindu names that you can name your daughter. They are simple, but with deep meaning.

  1. Akuti: Princess
  2. Adrika: heavenly
  3. Alisha: Protected by God
  4. Abha: loving beauty
  5. Abhilasha: ambition or desire
  6. Aashirya: from the land of God
  7. Aashi: smile
  8. Amolica: priceless
  9. Amodini: joyful
  10. Anahita: graceful
  11. Angaraka: flower with a flame
  12. Anika: Goddess Durga
  13. Anura: knowing
  14. Dakshi: glorious
  15. Elakshi: a woman with smart eyes

Some classic names

Even though many call them old-fashioned, traditional names are always relevant:

  1. Hazel: stands for tree
  2. Cora: this name was the creation of the author of The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. The character of this heroine was brave, charming, and beautiful.
  3. Faye: loyalty and faith
  4. Eleanor: shining light or sunbeams
  5. Della: noble
  6. Clara or Claire: famous and brilliant
  7. Amelia: hardworking, persistent
  8. Ann: a European name meaning "Grace."
  9. Evelyn: this name is of Norman origin and will have roots in the English surname
  10. Emma: this name was popular in the 1880s, which means "Versatility."

Virtue-based names

It is essential that the child initially knows the importance of virtue. You can name the baby as:

  1. Amity: friendly
  2. Bina: knowledge, understanding
  3. Fait: trust, faith
  4. Mercy: merciful
  5. Namya: worthy of honor
  6. Omnia: the virtuous woman
  7. Peace: calm
  8. Prity: love
  9. Trinity: Three in one

Century names for girls

The 21st century requires unique names. Here are a few thematic options:

  1. Athena: Goddess of Wisdom
  2. Audrey: noble power
  3. Blythe: happy
  4. Harlow: Army
  5. Harper: playing the harp
  6. Evie: name of the plant
  7. Juniper: tree name (juniper)
  8. Leila: night
  9. Lucille: the light
  10. Lux: light
  11. Maisie: Pearl
  12. Monroe: mouth of the Rohe River
  13. Piper: a trumpet player
  14. Primrose: the first rose
  15. Stella: star
  16. Tatum: Tate Manor
  17. Teagan: a little poet
  18. Tenley: cheerful
  19. Tov: insightful
  20. Willow: Willow Tree

Fancy girl names

If you are a food passion for bizarre and funny things, you can choose the appropriate name for your baby.

  1. Acacia: prickly
  2. Avery: Elf, Wisdom
  3. Bambaline: a little girl
  4. Ailid: the sun
  5. Lenora: bright
  6. Lorelei: charming
  7. Maebi: bitter or pearl
  8. Phoebe: radiant
  9. Tabitha: a gazelle
  10. Talula: a stream of water

Spiritual names for girls

The definition of a name for a child is nothing but a spiritual practice. How about choosing a religious name for your daughter? Check out some of the options below.

  1. Alisha: brisk
  2. Angel: angel
  3. Angelica: like an angel
  4. Assisi: Italian expression
  5. Batya: daughter of God
  6. Celestia: heavenly
  7. Chava: life
  8. Chinmayi: spiritual joy
  9. Grace: kindness, generosity
  10. Gwyneth: blessed
  11. Helena: light
  12. Khadija: an early child
  13. Lourdes: mother Mary Magdalena: a gift from God
  14. Serafina: fiery, winged

Fancy names for girls

If you want your baby doll to stand out, choose an unusual name for her.

  1. Aleut: Lark
  2. Alexina: defender
  3. Belva: beautiful view
  4. Caricia: Weasel
  5. Fayette: faith
  6. Galiana: a calm healer
  7. Hassinda: Hyacinth
  8. Kalila: beloved
  9. Leontine: the lion
  10. Meliora: better

Barbie names

If you sincerely love the Barbie doll, then maybe you will have a few topical names for your baby.

  1. Barbie: a foreign woman
  2. Kara: face
  3. Christie: Christian
  4. Dana: from Denmark
  5. Diva: goddess
  6. France: from France
  7. Jamie: from Denmark
  8. Jazz: Jasmine
  9. Kelly: war
  10. Chrissy: follower of Christ
  11. Midge: pearl
  12. Stacy: Resurrection
  13. Steffy: a garland
  14. Tracy: Thrace (Roman Province)
  15. Whitney: White Island (New Zealand)

Forgotten and rare male names

Varachisius (East)
Bartholomew - son of plowed land, son of fields
Vakhtisiy (pers.)
Venedim (Roman)
Benjamin (e.) - beloved son
Vivian (r.) - zinger
Vincent (p.) - conquering, overcoming
Victoria (b.) - winner
Vissarion (gr.) - forest
Vlasiy (gr.) - simple, rude
Vukol (gr.) - shepherd, bootes
Zahara (al-Heb.) - God remembered
Zeno (gr.) - divine
Zosima (gr.) - living, living

Bazhen - welcome, dear

  1. Belogor - related to the heights of the spirit
  2. Beloslav - white, praise
  3. Belovolod - fair ruler
  4. Belozar - enlightened
  5. Belomir - pure in thoughts
  6. Beloyar
  7. Bellator - light power
  8. Bogdan - given by the gods
  9. Bogorod - related to the gods
  10. Bouchard
  11. Bohumil - pleasing to the gods
  12. Bohumil - the bearer of the world
  13. Bohuslav
  14. Boleslav - glorious in battle
  15. Bozheslav - glorifying the gods
  16. Boleslav - bol - (more) and glory - (glory)
  17. Boris - fight, fight
  18. Borislav - fight, fight
  19. Boromir - fight, fight
  20. Borispol is the winner
  21. Boyan is a fighter
  22. Blagomir - Blessing
  23. Blagoslav - good, glory
  24. Blagoyar - fair
  25. Bratislava - fight
  26. Branimir - striving for peace
  27. Bratislava
  28. Branibor
  29. Bretislav (Breslav) - gained fame
  30. Bronislaw - protect, protect
  31. Bryachislav
  32. Budimil
  33. Budimir - wake up - (wake up) and peace - (peace)
  34. Budislav - wake up - (wake up) and glory - (glory)
  35. Bueslav - assertive
  36. Borislav - indestructible, like a storm


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