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Dinosaur Baby Shower Theme

Updated on March 7, 2014

Dinosaur Baby Shower Ideas

Looking for a baby shower theme that is fun and unique? A dinosaur theme will provide punch and pizzazz to your baby shower plans. Dinosaurs are a popular theme for nurseries, so Mom will really love the option to carry your dinosaur themed baby shower into Baby’s room. Dinosaurs are fantastic creatures sure to spark imagination -- and a wonderful way to welcome Mom-to-be’s little bundle of joy into the world! Think happy, smiling dinosaurs frolicking in prehistoric jungles. Here are some ideas to get you started planning the best dinosaur baby shower ever.

Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation
Dinosaur Baby Shower Invitation | Source

Baby Shower Invitations

The invitations are the first hint that your shower guests will have regarding your baby shower theme. When it comes to the invites, you have several options including making them yourself, sending e-vites, or purchasing fully customized invitations from a local or online printer.

If you want to be truly eco-friendly and most of the party guests are technologically saavy, then you could certainly go with evites or virtual invitations. The great thing about this method is that everyone can see who is invited, who has responded, and you can even request that they put in extra information like what they are bringing should you decide to host a potluck. You can choose from many fun designs including a dinosaur motif.

If you are more of a traditionalist or you've got lots of guests coming to the shower that are not so tech saavy, then you should certainly consider going with either fill-in invitations or pre-printed invitations that include all the shower details like the time, place, and special instructions. You can certainly find many online companies that sell custom invites with a dinosaur theme. The only drawback is that they tend to be expensive. BUT, you'll save lots of time filling out the information by hand. Normally if you purchase dinousaur themed tableware, you'll have the option to get matching invitations and even thank you notes so your should certainly consider those designs, especially if you are on a budget.

If you are crafty, you could make your own invitations out of cardstock, stamps, foam accessories, and stickers. Choose colors to match your overall shower color scheme (e.g. blue and green). A large mommy dinosaur followed by a baby dinosaur is a cute motif for the front of the card. Be sure to include some palm trees made from contruction paper or stamps. Dots, stripes, and curvy lines in bright rainbow colors work great for a dinosaur themed baby shower, too. Try invitations and accessories with a colorful, sprightly border of dots and squiggly lines to enliven an already sprightly theme. What’s great is you have so many options to choose from!

Make Your Own Dinosaur Invitation Cards

Dinosaur Tableware & Décor

Hang a dinosaur themed banner displaying a parade of smiling dinosaurs playing with their jungle friends. A great centerpiece idea would be a diaper cake wrapped in a green dinosaur band and coordinating bows. A spunky touch would be to pair your great dinosaur themed items with complementary streamers, balloons, crepe paper and ribbons in bright primary colors.

Choose dinosaur themed plates, napkins and cups and arrange them with a bright yellow tablecloth, red placemats, and true blue knives, forks, and spoons. So energetic!

Sprinkle funky dinosaur-shaped confetti throughout the baby shower area. Arrange faux palm trees around for a dinosaur jungle effect. Or, if you know of a friend who has live palm trees in pots, borrow your friend’s – people are generally more than happy to contribute to such an amazing event as a baby shower.

Dinosaur Cake Idea


Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

For a cake, consider one in the shape of a friendly green dinosaur. Pipe big happy eyes and a wide toothless grin for extra fun atop a yummy, crowd-pleasing chocolate cake.

If individual cupcakes are your style, make “dinocakes” with green frosting and dinosaur themed cupcake wrappers. Try matching cupcake toppers for added flair.

For a beverage, consider a simple yet tasty and colorful punch. Combine two packages of powdered lime drink mix, two cups of sugar, two quarts of water, one 46-ounce can of pineapple juice and mix. Pour over ice cubes in a dinosaur-shaped punch bowl. Stir in two liters of ginger ale. For an alcoholic version, substitute a bottle of champagne for a liter of ginger ale.

Provide candy or cookie bouquets at each guest table setting. Place candy wrappers in cute dinosaur themed wrappers in a candy bouquet stand. Bake cookies in the shapes of dinosaurs and frost the cookies in colors that coordinate with your dinosaur themed baby shower.


Baby Shower Games

Dinosaur Diaper Change Game - See which guest can change a diaper the fastest. Put diapers on several stuffed dinosaurs. Provide additional diapers and time guests to see who can change a diaper the quickest.

Alternatively, shop online for print and play games that feature a dinosaur theme. Click on the link to the right for more information.


Dinosaur Gift & Favor Ideas

Fill clear plastic bags with “dinosaur eggs” and other fun candies. Tie the bags in curled ribbons that complement the colors of your dinosaur themed baby shower.

Another great idea is to provide guests with personalized candle tins, body butters and lip balms adorned with your dinosaur theme. Each time your guest enjoys the fun favor, she’ll be reminded of your wonderful dinosaur-themed baby shower.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Ask guests to bring stuffed dinosaurs, blankets, and other dinosaur-themed items for baby’s room. For hours of future enjoyment and play, a really unique option is to give a child-sized rocking chair in the shape of a gleeful dinosaur.

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  • HeatherBlesh profile image

    Heather Gomez 3 years ago from Monterey, CA

    A dinosaur theme...I just wrote another hub in Hosting/Organizing a fun baby shower and I didn't even think of this theme. Such a cute idea and very detailed. Thank you :-)

  • Nicole S profile image

    Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

    Those little favor jars are way too cute, I can't believe you can get the cute little dinosaurs on there too! Love it!

  • partypail profile image

    PartyPail 5 years ago from

    The pop-up T-Rex card is a really neat idea! Great tips, voted up.

  • Pinkchic18 profile image

    Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

    All great ideas here! I could definitely see a dinosaur baby shower being a hit. Especially with a cute cake like that, how could it not!?