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Dinosaur Train My Review

Updated on September 8, 2009

Dinosaur train a new show that recently came on my local PBS channel for kids to watch and learn about dinosaurs is a great show. I know that my kids watched the first four episodes that aired on Labor Day of Dinosaur train on my local channel. Now for some people they might not have seen this show yet for their children, but I can tell you that from my own kids watching Dinosaur Train just one day they have had some amazing results and are showing some great intrest in learning about dinosaurs and that time period. Here is what I think about the Dinosaur Train television show.

The first positive that I have found with Dinosaur train is that it is a great show that kids can find enjoyable while at the same time educational. I know that my three year old and my five year old both enjoy being able to sit down and watch the show because of the very colorful characters in the show that can hold childrens attention for long periods of time. So this is always nice if the show does what it is meant to and hold your childrens attention for a time period.

The second positive is that Dinosaur trains is a very educational show that your kids can enjoy and be able to watch time and time again. I know that my children have managed to watch a re-run of the first episode that they seen and not find it boring again. I know this is a great feature because many of the shows that are meant for kids repeat quite a bit. So this is nice that it is nice to find a show that my kids are able to sit through even after seeing the show once which is what Dinosaur Trains allows.

The third positive is that Dinosaur trains will help encourage your children to learn about the history that is around this time period that they are talking about. I know that since they started watching this show just a couple of days ago my kids have started asking more questions about dinosaurs and the time period that they lived in than what they were before. So it is a very nice program that helps get our children to stimulate there mind and ask questions about that time period.

While many people will find Dinosaur trains to be another television show for children I know that Dinosaur trains while it is another childrens show is a great educational resource for all of us to have our children watch. I know that my children love watching Dinosaur trains even though the show hasn't been on that long and as long as episodes keep on coming out I know that my children will love being able to waatch Dinosaur trains for a long time to come.


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    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 8 years ago from Georgia

      Hid Isabella, my toddlers (who are 1, 4) love this show as well. I actually wrote a review myself.