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Disposables, MCN's or Organic Terry Nappies? Oh nappy choices, diaper choices...

Updated on September 14, 2010

Terry nappies give versatility while being the most natural nappy available

Hanging in the light breeze, these terry nappies will be dry in no time at all :)
Hanging in the light breeze, these terry nappies will be dry in no time at all :)

So many choices!

Expectant moms are usually bitten by the buying-cute-little-stuff-for-the-baby bug the moment the fact that they’re carrying a tiny miracle inside them sinks in. Once they’ve bought a set or two of newborn clothes or beddings, that’s slightly over their budget, and reined in their senses, they start fussing over the practical stuff.

One of the many things an expectant mother, especially newbie moms, worry about is the kind of nappy to use. Should they go for disposable diapers or the reusable cloth nappies? Which one would prevent baby from getting chafed skin or rashes? Which one would be both practical and comfortable for baby?

If they opt for the disposables, there’s not much to decide on other than the brand to go with, and probably what type of material is used to absorb baby’s excretions or how it’s fastened to fit baby. This is not the same for cloth diapers, however. There are many choices, like what fabric to choose. Should you go for the ordinary terry nappies or the ones made of organic cotton? Or should you go for nappies made of wool or hemp? How about those lined with fleece or silk? How about microfibre terry nappies?

There are also other considerations like the combination of nappy layers and how they are put together. There are all-in-one nappies, pocket nappies, one-size nappies, multi-size nappies, fitted nappies and flat nappies. So, the boggled mom to be has to decide whether to go for the conventional flat terry nappies, or fitted terry nappies. Add to the craziness input from well-meaning mommy-girlfriends who prefer other combinations like pocket nappies with bamboo or hemp layer inserts, or maybe those multi-size nappies that can be used until baby is potty-trained. The way to fasten the nappy together is another story.

Terry nappies are likely to give the most versatility, which the most natural option being organic terry nappies lined with a silk liner which keeps baby dry while providing an all-natural fibre next to their precious and delicate skin. Baby's skin will thank you for using organic bamboo terry nappies with a silk liner, which are the most effective form of absorption and stay-dry liner - arguably even better than disposables.

Thank you to jonhailsham for the lovely image.

The bottom line is making sure baby is comfortable and not allergic to the material used, and that it serves the purpose—to keep baby’s not-so-cute production intact!


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    • jmilligan13 profile image

      jmilligan13 7 years ago

      I love the pic above. I remember see sheets blowing in the summer breeze as a kid.