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Divorce Parenting: Life Must Go On

Updated on August 22, 2010

Divorce Parenting: Life Must Go On

 Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things in the world.  Of course when you marry someone you are deciding to spend the rest of your life with them.  This is not something that any plans for and when you get to that point where you both feel as though divorce is only the answer you are probably at your wit’s end mentally and emotionally.  What’s even worse is when there are children involved because then they are going through all of this just as you are.

 One of the biggest problems of going through a divorce when children are involved is that often the parents forget about the kids, usually not intentionally, and the children end up suffering big time as a result.  Even though the children may be quite young and you may think they do not know what is going on, kids are much smarter than you probably realize.  Children can sense when their parents are angry or tense and you especially do not want to be showing these feelings towards one another in front of them.  Life must go on even after a divorce has been decided upon however and there are some important divorce parenting tips that can help.

 One of the most important divorce parenting tips to remember is to not put yourself before your child even though it can be hard to do in a situation like this.  Your children should always be put first and you should not talk bad about the other parent in front of them just because you may have bitter feelings towards them.  This may not seem to do too much damage at first but children are like little sponges and soak everything up.  The last thing they need to hear at such a delicate time is one parent bad mouthing the other.

 As a parent it is crucial to remember always to have patience with your children.  After the divorce proceedings have started you may notice their behavior has changed a bit.  Divorcing parents really need to get down on their child’s level and see what they are going through to understand.  Instead of yelling at them and bringing them down which is only going to make things worse, try talking to them calmly.

 Children who have parents that are divorcing need to know that it is not their fault.  Children see divorce as a way of their parents not wanting to be together because of something they have done.  Never ignore the way your child is feeling, maybe thinking it will all take care of itself on its own because this is usually not how it works.  As a responsible parent you should be more than happy to be there to show love and support to your child.


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