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Do I Need A Baby Bathtub And Which Is Best? - inc tubs with stand

Updated on July 21, 2011

Like so many baby products, a bath tub is not essential. It is perfectly possible to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, as many generations have done before.

However, a baby bath can make bath-time easier and more enjoyable for parents and baby.

This article will run your though the main designs of baby bath tubs available, with examples of each type.


Dream On Me Bather And Stand
Dream On Me Bather And Stand

Traditional Bath Tub Plus Stand

Twenty years ago, the most common way to bathe your baby would be in a bath tub, raised on a stand.

These are great for the parent's back, as you do not need to stoop down to wash the baby, but can be a nuisance to fill, ,making multiple trips with pitchers of warm water.

The small tub size helps retain heat and reduce the amount of water needed for each bath.

As baby gets older you can place the tub in your regular bath tub, to help with the transition.

Expect to pay around $40 for the tub and stand together.

If you do buy a tub like this, check it comes with a hose attachment to drain the tub, as the tub will be too heavy to lift once filled.


Fisher Price Precious Planet Tub
Fisher Price Precious Planet Tub

Baby Bath Tubs With Insert

This style of baby bath tub has a removable insert to support newborns.

This insert can be made from a rubberized plastic (like the one pictured), or a mesh sling.

Beware of the sling inserts - they are simply not as durable as they will stretch and sag over time.

This style of bath can cost anything from $20 to $40 depending on the brand, and any extra features it may have.

Most tubs are designed so they can fit over a kitchen sink, which is great if you are prone to back pain.

Their smaller size enables you to use less water and energy at bath-time.

Once your baby is able to sit unaided, simply remove the insert to give him/her more room to play in the tub.

This style of tub offers the best value as it can be used from birth, right through the toddler years.


TummyTub plus stand
TummyTub plus stand

TummyTub - Style Bath Tubs

These deep, narrow tubs naturally encourage baby back into the foetal position.

This is great for keeping baby secure, comfortable and warm during bath time.

The style of the tubs also mean you use very little water.

Plus the small surface area ensures little heat is lost from the baby or the bathwater.

TummyTub was the original version of this style of bath tub.

You can now aslo buy WashPod by Price Lionheart, and a Spa Baby Tub from Euro Spa Baby.

The TummyTub has a stand, which is available to buy separately, to raise the height of the tub to a more comfortable postion for the parent.

The tubs are available from around $25-$40.


Summer Infant Delux Baby Bather
Summer Infant Delux Baby Bather

Mesh Baby Bath Seats

These infant seats are desgined to be placed inside a regular tub.

They retail at around $20-$25.

The mesh seat holds even the youngest babies securely, freeing up your arms to wash the baby.

The mesh is nicer against the skin than cold plastic, and allows the water to flow straight through it.

However, you do need to use more water with these as the bath tub needs to have a few inches of water in.

It can also be difficult to keep baby warm in these seats as much of his/her body will be up out of the water, and they may become cold when wet.

Be sure to hang this to dry thoroughly.


PRIMO Baby Bath Seat
PRIMO Baby Bath Seat

Plastic Baby Bath Seats

These work in the same was as the mesh seats.

They retails for around $10-$15.

The plastic is more durable than the mesh, but may feel a little hard and cold against baby's skin.

The design of these seats holds the baby lower down in the bath, so less water is needed than with the mesh seats.


Safety First Inflatable Bath Tub
Safety First Inflatable Bath Tub

Inflatable Bath Tubs

These are designed to help babies make the transition from a baby bath tub to the regular tub.

They retail at around $15-$20.

You can begin to use this tub once your baby is able to sit up unassisted.

The soft edges make it comfortable for your baby to lean against, so you can let your baby play while your hands are free to wash him / her.

These also cut down on the water and energy you use for each bath-time, as less warm water is needed to fill the inflatable tub than a regular tub.


Highest Rated Baby Bath Seats And Tubs On Amazon


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    • Spacey Gracey profile image

      Spacey Gracey 7 years ago from Essex, UK

      Thanks for taking a look bayoulady - I wished I'd had a TummyTub for my boys when they were babies - they look great.

    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      Hi Spacey, I am entralled with the tummy tub cylinder! What will they think of next?LOL! Rate up!