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Do Little Girls Grow up To Fast

Updated on March 13, 2013
Growing up to Fast
Growing up to Fast | Source


The love between a mother and her daughter should be bonding, with mom protecting and teaching her the true valves of life . I see mothers taking one of the most precious commodity away from her child, the right to be a child. Parents in this society is looking for fame, fortune and notification from their children.I see young girls wearing make-up,acrylic nails and clothes so provocative I would wear out in public. Every mother should want the best for her child but there are certain standards mother's must live by.Everyone has a right to wear what they wants but it's wrong to inflict your style of dressing on innocent child. Maggie x eight going on 20, is a little girl who has been pushed into women-hood, because of her mother wants her to be a star.This little girl should be playing with dolls and tea set each day she is traveling to different studio's rehearsing. I asked her about all the beautiful dolls she had in her room, mommy said dolls are for baby's. I am going to be a star I am beautiful, i could see she was conceited with a big attitude .At that moment I knew sooner or later this little girl would turn to someone or something to easy her pain.In the past years we have seen so many children stars waste their lives away without realizing what it feels like to be a child. The great pop-star Michael Johnson, never knew what it felt like to live the most wonder years of his life as a child, later on in his life, he devoted his life to loving children. In today's society Parents has to realize it's wrong to take away the innocent of your children, let them have those precious memories.

In this society I see mother's of young girls: turning their daughter into young ladies witho thaels playing with dolls and tea sets.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Some children grow up as adults, with not memories of a childhood, which is sad.I grew up in a poor family but some of the stories and the things that happen, I wouldn't trade for nothing.