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Do Your Children Eat Right?

Updated on February 12, 2015

You may often wonder why your children say that they do not remember the right answers during the school examinations though they have revised them a number of times. The main reason for this may be that they do not get the right nutrients. This means you must rethink what you give them for eating.

Especially, children who are between 10 and 17 need careful handling because it is only during these years that the mental and physical growth of children happens to a significant extent. But children of this age group take into account what their friends eat and what the ads they see show. Many children take into account their body image also. But unfortunately, most of their choices lead to eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, etc.

Therefore, you must mainly check if their meal patterns are irregular, they skip breakfast, consume lot of junk foods or if they over-eat. Under-nutrition may also be a problem you must look into.

Your influence on them may not be as strong as what it used to be earlier. So, you, as their parent, must eat only nutritious foods because they may still be considering you as their role model. If you eat the right foods that contain calcium, fiber, proteins, antioxidants, iron and vitamins, they will also imbibe the habit and this will help in fulfilling their energy and nutritional requirements.

You must also educate them suitably so they understand that their activities need more nutrition than what adults need. You must also ensure to check if they eat balanced food that contains sufficient proteins. Proteins are needed for their bone development and hormone and enzyme synthesis. Likewise, they need unsaturated fats also for their growth.

The payoff from ensuring that your children eat right is your children will grow with strong bones as well as teeth, a good digestive system, and oxygen-rich blood.


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