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Always My Little Girl

Updated on May 24, 2010

Always My Little Girl

Without going into much detail, my daughter became a young lady at the young age of 9. I felt that I had done my job as her mom when I talked with her months before this event about changes that she would be going a few years! Or so I thought.

I was not prepared for her early development and the "loss" of my little girl. As a parent, you're aware of the common milestones that will cause you to shed tears, have sleepless nights, and experience with your child...their first steps, the first day of school, their first date, going off the college, getting married and so on. But there are so many others that no one really tells you about, like their first immunizations (I cried for hours!), their first day of EVERY school year, the first sleepover away from home, the first time they want to stay home by themselves and the one I'm dreading...the first boyfriend! I know she has to grow up, by why so fast? I'm not ready to let go of my little girl just yet.

I'm not ready to wait to use my bathroom because she has locked the door for hours. I'm not ready to hear her repeatedly ask for a cell phone because all her friends have one, to get her hair highlighted, to hear her talk about what kind of car she will get once she turns 16. And I'm definitely not ready for her to no longer need me.How can all this change be happening so quickly when just a few months ago, I was helping her blow her nose? My daughter has entered the precarious stage of her life now called her "Tweens" which is a phrase that advertising and marketing agencies have labeled for young girls between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. I only remember being in the phase my mom amusingly called, "stuck in the mud."

Being a teenager is hard enough on kids these day, so why do we allow the media to add another age group to prematurely jump start this trying time? I constantly struggle with letting my daughter be exposed to confusing images in the media. I think that most images give negative portrayals of women. I want her to see women who have contributed to our society in a positive way, women who have NOT posed for Playboy and have their own reality shows because of that. I want her to see strong women who have achieved success on their own merits and talents. I want her to grow up with confidence, independence and be proud that she is a women of substance. I want her to know she can be everything and anything she wants to be and has so much potential.

But most of all, I want her to know how very proud I am of her every single day. How beautiful she is to me inside and out and that no matter how old she gets, she will always be my little girl. And that I will never let go of.


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      6 years ago

      Me too 4t. Me too. Mine is 7 but actslike a teen already. My wife and I try our best to keep her on the right and steady and its easy when they are yng but harder as they get older of course. As I strggle with her our son 12, on the other hand is her little watchout. He's such a great kid! He has a little reservation about himself sometimes but he's at that age when self awareness is hitting him. Girls are still stupid thank god. I had the talk with him already as he sees his body change and he takes it well. Its hard to keep them from the problems my wife has with depression and general low self esteem. I do bestest to make her feel special as she is. Smiles hun! There are lots of great fathers out there.


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