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Do you have a 3nager?

Updated on June 23, 2019
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I have struggled with PTSD for 3 years now. Find out if you have PTSD with the quiz I created just for you.


Do you have a rowdy 3 year old?

That's okay, I do too. When you became pregnant with your little one, you had no idea what you were in for. My 3 year old which I like to refer him as my 3nager, because he is a 3 year old who has a personality of a little teenager. HaHa! He is quite rowdy and sometimes a rebel. He can also be a daredevil and try to do tricks like the Duke of Hazzard. He has two little toy cars outside and we have a ramp on our porch, well you may know where this is going. He likes to drive his little cars down that ramp. He is such a little rascal. A Lot of parents think that by putting their children in front of T.V. with a good show is the best way to calm them down, but I think being rowdy can be good for them, and also a good learning experience, even the disciplining part of it. I know getting them to watch the Television can seem like the easy way out of it, but it might also teach them that by doing something they shouldn't will get them rewarded with a T.V. show. I am not telling anyone how to raise their children, I am simply telling my opinions, and how I disciple and raise my children to be well manned adults. I have been told that putting my son in preschool would be best for him. Like all parents I am very hesitant about putting him in preschool. Will other kids be mean to him? Will the teacher be mean to him? Will he enjoy his time there? Will he learn a lot? I can see how preschool is good for a child who is a bit rowdy because they see how other children act, but what if the other children might be mean? Do all parents think about that or is it just me? He would learn a lot from preschool which is what I want for him. I only want whats best for kids. How do you discipline your kids when they are being to rowdy? Did you try preschool and if so, how did it go? Do you make them stand in a corner? Do you count to three before putting them in corner? Do you do it the old fashioned way? Here's is how I discipline my children. If they do something that I have told them not to do over and over again. I will threaten to take a toy away and throw it in the garbage.Most of the time they react to that, because they don't want their toy to be taken away. I would never have the heart to actually throw their toys away, but just a small threat to throw them away can get them to listen, even if it is just for a little while. Children have small attention spans, and they like to test the waters to see what all they can do before they get in trouble. They learn so quickly especially from other kids. If they see another kid misbehave sometimes they decide to do the same thing. Another way I like to discipline my children is my putting them in a corner for little while. They may cry and it can be difficult to watch them cry. It always breaks my heart when I see them cry, but I know discipline is good for them. I let my 3 year old sit in the corner for just a few minutes, because he is after all only 3 years old. He is still growing and learning. He usually does not continue to do the thing I told him not to do after being in the corner for those few minutes. I have also tried a southern way of discipline, since I am a southern momma. I like to count to three before putting them in a corner. I tell them not to do something about 3 times, if they do not listen by the fourth and fifth time I will begin to count from 1 to 3. Before I get to three they usually listen to me, because they do not want to be in that corner again, and I do not blame them. I did not like to be in the corner when I was younger either. Discipling children is so hard sometimes especially when you see those little tears run down their face, and then you let your guard down. I have been a victim of it myself, because I know they are still small and they don't understand it all just yet, but that is what we parents are here for. To teach our children right from wrong. I have also been teaching them their emotions, so that they can learn to control them without having such a difficult time. My son has a bit of anger at times, and so I bought him an inflatable punching bag to get out his anger. Some parents may not think that is a good idea, but for me I think it is great for him. I do not welcome violence towards anyone with my children, but if someone is being mean, trying to fight one of my children. I expect my children to stand up for themselves and fight back. I do not want someone to hurt my children. If they do not learn how to stand up for themselves now then what will they do when they become adults. What if someone pulls a gun out on them? They are gonna have to learn logic, and different types of ways to get away, or defend themselves. I am pro gun, and I do expect my children to learn to use them when they become of a mature age. When I think they are ready for one then I will teach them. If you are not pro gun then that absolutely okay because you will teach your kids your way and I will teach my kids my way. I have nothing against anyone's way of teaching their children. I want to repeat myself and let everyone know I am not trying to tell you how to raise your children. I am not that type of person. I am just stating my opinions, and telling you how I discipline and raise my children. I love all children and I only want what is best for them. Some children become extremely rowdy as they get older if they have a bad home life. Not all get this way, some decide to go different route then what their parents/guardians took. Our children are well taken care of and that's all that matters to keep them healthy and happy. Another thing that I had just thought of. If you give your child too much sugary foods or drinks that can also make them a little rowdy. As sugar has some sort of magical power to make everyone hyper and more addicted to it. Sometimes I wish I would have never gave them sugar, but they need a treat from time to time. I do hope you enjoyed my article. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Good or bad, I want to hear them all.

© 2019 Miranda Scott


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