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Does What I Say Matter?

Updated on March 25, 2017

"Does what I say matter?
You both say it will be all right.
At night I hear you fight.
Daddy, why do you batter?

"Mommy, I see you cry.
You say I love you.
I know you are blue.
Please don't sigh.

"Let me help you.
I'll care for thee.
We can play and be free.
I love you, too.

"Another night
I hear you say
I got to go on my way
So dark is the fright.

"Mommy, why did Daddy go?"
"Honey, things are not the same.
Our love for each other is lame.
Feelings are so low."

"Mommy, I'll do better.
Will Daddy come home?
Will he be alone?
I made him a letter.

"Daddy, I miss you so."
"I'm working a ;lot.
There's so much to fil the slot."
"Daddy, I hurt my toe."

"Honey, Mommy needs a job."
"Please, Mommy, no!
I'll miss you so.
Mommy, please don't sob".

"Dad is getting married."
"Dad, Please, don't.
Mom loves you - she won't."
"Son, it's a heavy load to carry."

"Things didn't work out.
I'm so sorry.
Please don't worry."
"Mommy, don't pout."

"Mommy, didn't Daddy see
When you made the cake
I helped to bake?
And we were so full of glee."

"Honey, Daddy always has things to do."
"Mommy, you do all he wishes,
Doin laundry and dirty dishes."
"Son, it's what I have to do, too."

"Mom, I don't understand,

Why Dad left.

Maybe I did, but I forget.

I'll be your man."

"Son, Dad wants to get together."
"Okay Mom, I'll go.
Please, Mom. Don't feel low.
Look outside. It's beautiful weather.

"Hi Dad, t's me.
"Good to see you, Son."
Other kids on the run.
"Good-bye, Dad, hope you did see."

"How did it go?"
"Okay, I guess
A little of a mess."
"Son, I love you so."

"Mom, I know you care.
It's been hard on you.
Your love for me is true.
Mom. you're always there.

"Mom, help me to understand.
Together we can make it."
"Son, you are strong. Come and sit.
Love has always been my command."

"Mom, it's so hard to do."
"Honey, it is, but it's a choice.
Love demands the perfect voice."
"I will. I love you, too."

"Hi, Dad. How's it going?"
"Things are a real mess.
So much has happened, I guess.
I'm reaping what I'm sowing.

"Dad, I love you.
I've grown to see
All you meant to me.
We'll make it through."

"Son, I didn't see
All I did wrong.
You've grown to be strong.
You are Mom's and my glee."


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 12 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      I think this is your masterpiece to date. Keep at it. You're expressing yourself very well.