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Dolls - A Lucrative Business

Updated on September 12, 2016

Girls and Dolls

When I worked at the local General Electric plant in Hendersonville, North Carolina one of the women with whom I worked collected Barbie dolls. On a regular basis usually on Monday mornings, another lady who was a seller of dolls and knowledgeable of dolls often attended the doll shows sponsored by the various associations of collectors. She would purchase the latest collectible Barbie for my co-worker. Over the years, just how many Barbies were purchased is something I don't know. The Barbies, all new and never opened from their original cases, would hopefully only accrue in value and later be sold. The monies earned from the sales would be used to pay for the college education of my co-workers granddaughter.

My co-worker retired a few years before me and unfortunately developed cancer and died. The granddaughter, I learned did go to college but whether the Barbie collection was ever sold to pay for her tuition and college is information I do not know. I would suspect the revenue from the sales, if sold, would not have been sufficient to cover the four years of college. The Barbies purchased by the grandmother may still be safe and remain as treasured gifts or keepsakes.

Dolls have been around for a long time. Dolls have even been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 2000 BCE They have long been popular as toys for girls and who doesn't know a few little girls who carry their dolls with them everywhere they go . Today the doll business has become a lucrative one for collectors and some of the older dolls command huge prices at doll shows. The first dolls in recorded history were made of clay, wood, bone, and leather. The earliest known use of dolls as toys is documented in Greece around 200AD. The modernization of dolls and the manufacture of porcelain dolls dates around the 15th Century in Germany.

While there are many dolls and doll manufacturers around the globe, a premium is placed on those that are considered collectible or from antiquity. Many who collect dolls buy to keep or if necessary, repair and refurbish the dolls to resale at doll shows.In some community colleges classes are taught in doll making. Several classes have been held at our local community college on the art of doll making. While dolls can be valuable, the clothing especially original garments such as dresses and shoes may also command big prices.

In the USA the popularity of Barbie dolls is an ongoing phenomenon. New editions are constantly coming to the market and the amenities such as doll houses, furniture. and accessories know no bounds. Barbie had her beginnings by way of the Mattel, and American toy company in 1959. Over the decades a male counterpart named Ken was introduced as were several other models.In addition to Barbie dolls, many other markets have opened up such as videos, books, cosmetics, et cetera.

While Barbie has enjoyed an immense amount of popularity mainly because of her adult look and dress up options many young girls who are just little girls, still find a "baby doll" intriguing. The more the look of a real infant the better and great joy is found in caring for their own little babies. Nothing sweeter than seeing a little girl caressing a baby doll in a warm blanket and singing a favorite lullaby.

I personally am not an expert on dolls but just wanted to write short essay on the subject. I do know some who have incredible knowledge about dolls and their collections and interest have proven to be rewarding emotionally and financially.

Do you have an interest in dolls? Do you still have your first doll? Are you a collector and if so which type of dolls interest you and why?

Great old tune Rubber Dolly


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    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 4 years ago from UK and Mexico

      I hate dolls.


    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Kay Badder 4 years ago from USA

      I had the doll in the photo at the top. A twin copy of her anyways. I sold all of my porcelain dolls though, because I moved and didn't have a good place for them.

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