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Don't forget you were a child once too.

Updated on January 20, 2009

Remeber your childhood

Parents today are complete hypocrites! I guess in a small way we all are. I have two young kids that are the light of my world an they have taught me something’s that I feel that I must share. Things that when you think about it should have been clear in the first place. I'm not talking about the usually things that you hear when you first get pregnant. The only advise that I got in that period that was accurate, was that your children will be just like you only worse. So here is the tip 5 things that I have learned so far as a young mother.

1) Your children are smarter than you!!

This is a fact, my son proves this every chance that he gets. The best example has to be they day I asked him to clean his room. Also keep in mind that my son just turned 3 in January. It was a long fight of telling him to pick up his room, frustrated I get a trash bag and tell him if he doesn’t pick them up, I was going to throw them away. This works for about 5 minutes. So, I go in there an pick up a couple of his favorites an tell him that they are gone. This gets him to pick up some toys in the thought that it would get his stuff back. He comes out saying, I picked up can I have my toys? Of course the room wasn't clean so, I said no. We fight for another hour and he is still not cleaning his room. Once again I walk in with the trash bag an ask him, do you want me to throw your toys away? Calmly he says yes. I say fine go to the living room and I will throw all your toys away.

He walks out and I go about throwing the toys in the bag, then it hit me, he just got out of cleaning his room. If I put all these toys in this bag then he doesn't have to pick them up. Now yes, later he would have been mad without toys but that wasn't the point. I asked him to clean his room an now I was. Your kids are smart!

2) Kids are made of rubber, at least until they are 3.

I say this because, My son has run into everything and has dropped almost everything on his feet an he is still fine. I am a complete klutz an apparently so is he. The doctor finally had to tell me that he would be fine an that he was made of rubber at this point in life, after the third trip to him.

I have this big ottoman in the living room that toys can get under. My son tries to get to them by picking it up. Which in those three cases he dropped right on top of his foot. I honestly thought all three time his foot had to be shattered. Amazingly it wasn't, so I now believe that young kids are made of rubber.

3) It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Where have we heard that before? The thing is kids put a whole new spin on it. From their sad eyes, to the, mommy I love you, and my sons favorite, don't be mad at me. How can you still be mad after that? I here to say that it is ok. They learn by making the mistakes, an trust they know that face. The face that says your mad. That's why they do this!! So take your child in to your arms an melt, they only have this power for so long. Don't take it so seriously, they are kids an they will mess up, your job is to teach them it ok, but lets learn from this.

My son use to drop his cup all the time, when we first stared giving him a cup with no lid. At first it was ok, then It got aggravating an I started yell at him when he did it. About the third time I went to yell I stopped, why was I yelling he was only trying. So I sat him down an I asked him why his cup dropped? Not why did you do it, or how you did it. Kids don't do well under pressure, so take it off them an you get a better response. His response to me was, I wasn't holding it right. So we took an empty cup an practiced holding and putting down a cup. He's doing much better, an only drops his cup now when he's in a hurry, which is like all the time.

4) Kids are stressful!!

I really do think that kids were made to test every one of our weakness. Kids are like dogs they smell fear, funny but true. In the learning years they will drive you insane My son knows every one of my buttons, an sometimes pushes every on of them. It really doesn't help that we are both hard headed. You just have to remember that old saying, What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Find your triggers, the things that aggravate you the most. Once you know what they are start working on them. There are a lot of things that you can do you just have to find what works for you. The most important step is identifying what it is that makes you so aggravated an when it happens try to approach it in a different direction until you find away to deal with it. Because as long as you have a problem with it they will keep doing it.

5)Remember that you were a kid once too.

Yes, I know that most of us would like to forget our past, but remembering has a lot of advantages. Things like some of the tricks we use to play, how we snuck out at night, what lies we told, the signs of a lie, even the signs of a new love. Our kids are part of us, so it is only natural that they act like us. Some things are just part of childhood. If you ask your parents to remember they done some of the same things to.

My point in all of this is, I didn't turn out so bad, so it might be ok to let them make some of those mistakes. What I learned couldn't be taught to me it didn't even hit me until I was older but I learned. So look at your little ones an enjoy because when the little goes away the chance to do it over is gone. I try to teach my son something everyday, because I want him to have the skills to make the right decision when he is on his own. Your kids are smart and they do listen. So next time try to remember your lesson an teach to your kids so that they will know what to do when it comes time for them to learn the lesson


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    • profile image

      BadBoy 6 years ago


    • Sarah Songing profile image

      Sarah Songing 9 years ago

      Fun read, NickieE! It's amazing how much we can learn from our children. One of my favorite lessons I've learned from my girls is to really just let go and enjoy the moment. As Natasha Bedingfield sings, "Release your inhibitions!"

      And it's true that kids are made of rubber. My five month old fell down a whole flight of stairs shortly after beginning to crawl. I screamed and then cried, but when she finished crying she just crawled away.