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Dont give up on your goals

Updated on September 8, 2015
Sage_Nichiren_Daishonin | Source

In 13th century Japan, sage Nichiren Daishonin wrote very compassionate letters to his disciples, encouraging them to be strong and courageous. This letter was written to a government official who had become his disciple.

“The journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining, how can you admire the moon over the capital?”

When problems quite naturally enter our lives, our enthusiasm wanes, our faith weakens and we forget to look for solutions based on our faith. Similarly, when we start a project or set a goal, we are very enthusiastic and work hard. But after a while, when faced with obstacles, our passion fades and we lose interest in our goals. Instead of continuing in difficult times, we give up at the last moment.

We must have consistent faith and persevere right to the end in whatever we do. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes to achieve them. If we quit at the last moment, then we will miss out on the joy of achieving our goals.

Discussions on Youth

Healthy body will make you win: No matter how outstanding your school record, good grades will not do you much good if you have a weak constitution and have to take to bed frequently. Moreover, when you see everything in total perspective, it does not really make a great deal of difference whether or not you have a terribly sharp mind. Much rather does it seem that quite a number of people have ruined their careers because of frail health. Perhaps it is not too much to claim that in real life the basis of success is a healthy body.

Water over fire: It is important that you have “faith like water.” as opposed to “faith like fire.” Whereas fire is easily extinguished, faith should continue flowing ceaselessly like water.

Find your way in the jungle: Suppose you are lost in the jungle. You want to find your way out and reach the ocean, but don’t know which way to go. What will you do? The answer is, keep moving ahead, taking a course that leads to a river. If you follow the river downstream, you will eventually reach the ocean.

Five minute formula: It is important to adopt the habit of pushing yourself an extra five minutes. When you think to yourself, “I can’t do anymore. I want to go out and have some fun,” that is the time to challenge yourself to keep at it another five minutes. Those who persevere for a extra five minutes are truly admirable. Victory is theirs.

Don’t bother about ridicule: When one is afraid of being laughed at, of being embarrassed, of being looked down upon by others for one’s mistakes, shortcoming or limitations, progress becomes difficult. The important thing is to be brave. So what if someone laughs! The person who makes fun of others who are trying their best is the one who should be ashamed.

Fall in love with books: When you are head over heels for someone, for instance, you want to see that person whenever and wherever you can, even if it’s only a brief glance or just five minutes, right! That should be our attitude towards reading.


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