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Double Stroller Reviews

Updated on August 14, 2014

Double Stroller Come With a Lot of Variety

If you have 2 small children, then getting a double stroller is a great idea if you’ll be taking them outside with you. The basic concept behind a double stroller is that it’s a stroller that’s designed to carry two babies at the same time. This isn’t something that’s entirely new, however, as double strollers have existed for more than a hundred years. But there has been a lot of innovation recently as far as strollers go, so you will get a lot of choices when you select a two place stroller.

Your Choices for a Double Stroller

The main choice that you would make when deciding on a double stroller would be the kind of stroller that you will be getting. If you want something simple and very inexpensive, then you can go with a double umbrella stroller. This is a stroller with a metal frame and that has seat made out of cloth. It is designed to be folded away neatly when not in use, is very lightweight and inexpensive. Their main disadvantage is that to some people these fold-able umbrella strollers look flimsy and some models really are, so you would need to be a bit more careful when you shop for one to make sure you end up choosing a good quality stroller.

Double strollers can come either in a side by side, or tandem configuration. Obviously, the side by side strollers will be wider, which can make handling a bit more difficult, but some people prefer them. Most double strollers come with four wheels, but three wheel “tricycle” type strollers are also available and become a lot more popular than before. This is because some people find them a lot easier to push around and turn, especially around sharp corners.

The Best Deals Around for a Double Stroller

A double stroller will understandably be more expensive than a regular one, but you will still be able to find these strollers at good prices if you look around. The best thing to do would be to first have an idea of the type of stroller that you want to purchase. You can look up some different models online and compare them with each other.

In order to help you choose the best stroller, you should also read some online reviews and ratings that were left by customers. Many online shopping sites let their buyers leave feedback about the products that they’ve purchased from their site, so you can use this to your advantage. This will give you some insight on the quality and the durability of the stroller that you are thinking of purchasing.

Twin Strollers Make it Easy to Take Two Kids With You

Are you wondering whether twin strollers are any good? A stroller is definitely a practical thing to have if you’re going to take a young child out of the house with you. But what if you have two kids that you need to take at the same time? This is the reason why double or twin strollers were invented. They let you easily bring along two kids in just one stroller. When you’re in search of a stroller for two kids, then you will definitely find a couple of models that will be good for your needs.

Advantages of Twin Strollers

If you have two young kids that you want to take along with you, then a twin stroller would be one of the only practical solutions. While it’s certainly possible to push two strollers side by side, this is only practical if you’re going a very short distance and gets quite awkward when you’re turning corners. Also, getting a twin stroller will be a lot less expensive than buying two single strollers.

What to Look for In Twin Strollers

The main thing that you should examine when you look at twin strollers is their durability. Since you will be having two kids with you, there will be more weight put on the stroller, as well as more wear on it from putting kids in and taking them out. Also, we all know that kids don’t always sit calmly in their stroller all the time. All the moving around can wear out the fabric and the frame of the stroller easily if it’s not well made.

Therefore, you should look for twin strollers that are the most durably built. Look for strollers made by known companies such as Graco, Combi or Maclaren. These manufacturers have been in the business of making baby products such as twin strollers for a long time and have often invested a lot in researching and developing a product that will be practical for parents to use and that will last a long time as well.

Some manufacturers also give a lifetime warranty. So if part of the stroller breaks in the course of normal usage, then it will be repaired or replaced. A Double stroller with a long warranty is a good sign that the manufacturer is confident that they’ve built a quality product for you.

Best Deals on Twin Strollers

Of course, twin strollers will be more expensive than a regular stroller made for just one child. This is what makes many parents compare different strollers in different places before making their final decision. By shopping online, you will find it much easier to get the stroller that you want at a price that could be up to 50% lower than what you will see in a store for the exact same model.

When you buy twin strollers online, you will also benefit from free shipping offered by many online merchants as a way to draw in more customers to buy from them as opposed to going to a store. If you are still pregnant and you are looking to have a good night sleep, then I recommend Pregnancy Pillow. Every Pregnant Mom needs it! Click here to read more about the pregnancy pillow.


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