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Best Double Strollers 2017 - Lightweight Jogging, Tandem, Side by Side

Updated on February 10, 2017

A good double stroller can help you get out of a tricky situation.

As a Father of 4 kids ages 8 to 1 life can get pretty crazy.

When my wife and I are out and about our double stroller is our child carrier, diaper bag, and the ultimate child managing device.

In this post I'll talk about the various types of strollers out there and give you my picks for the best double strollers in each category.

The City Mini Double Jogging Stroller is a good all around option. It's compact, lightweight, and fits easily through doors.
The City Mini Double Jogging Stroller is a good all around option. It's compact, lightweight, and fits easily through doors.
The Contours Optima allows you to set up to six different positions. This is perfect for changing things up as your child gets older.
The Contours Optima allows you to set up to six different positions. This is perfect for changing things up as your child gets older.

What Type of Double Stroller Should You Choose?

Tandem Double Strollers

Tandem double strollers place your kids back to back. This makes it easy to fit through doorways, but difficult to turn.

These are ideal in locations where you don't have enough room to fit your kids side to side. While Tandem double strollers certainly have their place, I find myself using them less and less.

One of the reasons is that the design of side by side double strollers has become so much more efficient when it comes to fitting through doorways. Finding a side by side stroller that's no wider than 30 inches will prove more useful in most situations.

Jogging or Jogger Double Strollers

These double strollers are ideal for long distances and just about everything else. Find a lightweight one with plenty of space underneath and you'll have a good stroller for just about any occasion.

Despite being a little heavier than a standard stroller, joggers are easy to maneuver and manage so unless you have to carry your stroller a long way, you should definitely consider a jogger for your all around needs.

Sit and Stand

These strollers allow you to place your kids in various tandem positions. They are nice if you have a younger toddler and a baby.

If space is an issue or you need to carry your stroller, then an umbrella stroller is the way to go. Keep in mind that they aren't for long distances and using one for a day in which you walk a lot may actually fatigue you more than a stroller with bigger wheels.

Other Considerations:

How does it fold?

Strollers can fold in the middle, straight down, or in various other ways. You'll want to think about just how much trunk space you have and pick a stroller that's not overly bulky.

Storage and More:

Strollers can either come with or have a variety of accessories that make your day that much easier. I prefer a stroller with cupholders, plenty of storage underneath, and if possible, options behind the stroller.

Consider More than One:

Not every stroller is perfect for every situation. Depending on the space I have and which children I'm with I like to use a single stroller, umbrella stroller, or a side by side double jogger.

Which Stroller is Best?

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What Type of Stroller Should you Take to Theme Parks like Disneyland?

My family and I go to Disneyland every single year so we've had experience with various types of strollers.

The one that seems to work the best for us is a side by side jogger like the City Mini shown below.

Top Rated Double Strollers for 2017

2 Good Double Strollers Under $500

1. Best Double Side By Side Jogging Stroller

This stroller is truly a lifesaver. When my wife first approached me about it I thought it was too expensive.

Like most times I eventually gave in. I'm really glad I did. It turns well, fits through every type of door we've come across, easily folds down the middle, and has plenty of space for everything you need during your day. I can't recommend it more.

2. BOB Revolution SE Duallie

For rough terrain also consider the BOB Revolution SE Duallie.

It's a little less expensive as the City Mini but carries a lot of the same features.

The front has a single wheel which makes it super easy to maneuver.

A Good Lightweight Side By Side Double Stroller Under $200

Joovy Scooter X2

If you're looking for a less expensive option with the same doorway footprint as the City Mini, then go with the Joovy Scooter X2.

At around $200 it's super inexpensive, and it also comes with adjustable footrests and reclining seats.

A Clever Budget Sit N Stand Double Stroller Option:

Go with Baby Trend Here:

I really feel like Sit and Stand strollers are a good temporary option.

You'll like them for a while and then as your baby gets bigger want to change it up.

For this reason an inexpensive but good quality stroller like this Baby Trend model is ideal.

A Sturdy Tandem Double Stroller

5. Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller

If you live in an area with a lot of super tight spaces where having a double stroller would annoy people or just make life difficult, then a tandem double stroller is a better idea.

The Contours Optima is my favorite. It has a sturdy aluminum frame and allows you to position your children in six different ways.

© 2014 Brandon Hart

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