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Down The Memory Lane..

Updated on June 1, 2012


My little angel:)
My little angel:) | Source

Beautiful Memory to Cherish:)

First time Mother. Sounds so good to hear, it was a real heady feeling, a feeling which is too strong to describe. It was a labour I was not prepared for and the reward I got more than made up for the racking pain. Nothing is as beautiful as the moment when you realise you’ve given birth to a pulsating life. When people all around were comparing baby’s resemblance to mother, father all I could think was the new role which has topped me- Mother.

When you become parents, you learn to listen all the friendly advice and still listen to your intuitions. You learn to make out the various cries by which the little one has learnt to handle you. Your world takes a turn of 360degree. My clock was set by my little one demands- feed time, potty time, bath time, and nap time, feed time which goes on and on. The moment he takes a ride in his dream world I catch up my pending work or a power nap. When you go back down the memory lane you will see, you hold their fingers and teach them to walk. You learn nursery rhymes, your favourite channel is now Disney channel, and for your child you are the best singer singing all those wonderful lullabies. Your language sounds strange and thrilled by that beautiful smile. You record every beautiful first landmark and delight stories about his latest activities.

As the month’s passes, baby turns to child and you are filled with some more responsibilities. Its not that easy, school homework, tantrums, entertaining but managing patiently and listening to him makes things easy to carry on. At times makes me think it’s not so long ago that he used to fit in my lap now rarely I carry him. I realised that time really flies and the baby is growing up. You see him stumble and fall, finding him place in the world as a parent I realized that I need to be strong to let him be.

I feel Childbirth starts with labour but bringing up a child in this competitive world is a never ending labour of love, patience and understanding.


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    • profile image

      shreenidhi 5 years ago

      beatiful narration,....... loved it..... motherhood is indeed a thrilling experience