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Downloadable Textbooks - Like Coursesmart

Updated on August 23, 2011

Download your Textbooks

As we enter into 2010 more and more options are available for students to learn in ways they find best. In an age of Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPhones, and net books generating hours and hours of battery life no wonder most students are switching to digital textbooks. Lets face it, a book is always on but the average student isnt going to be reading them for more then 6 hours a day. With such little devices holding so much data downloadable textbooks is a great way to ensure always having your books with you and is a literal back saver!

Download your Textbooks

Downloading textbooks is the newest way of getting what you need, having it with you, and being efficient at the same time.
Downloading textbooks is the newest way of getting what you need, having it with you, and being efficient at the same time.

Turn the Kindle

Amazon's kindle is a great ebook reader and it comes in many different types and sizes. The newer large screen kindle is AIMED at textbooks. Why not use this powerhouse and many other smaller textbook sites to save your money and your back? Maybe its good to keep the excuse "Oh I left my book at home." Well, other then making stuff up to get you out of trouble, this is a very ethical and efficient way of getting your textbooks and getting them cheaper.

Other Textbook Sites

There are many other textbook websites out there that supply digital textbooks. A few of the big ones are:

  • CourseSmart
  • CengageBrain
  • CafeScribe

CourseSmart - CourseSmart has one of the largest collection of e-Textbooks, with over 4,226. Founded and supported by five major textbook publishers, the site advertises a $57.46 average savings per e-Textbook. Their e-books do have their limitations though, as CourseSmart only lets students print out 10 pages each print. The e-textbook doesn't stay permanently because the downloaded files have digital expiration codes and expire after about 180 days.

CengageBrain - CengageBrain is a top seller and sells textbooks in print, e-book (priced 50% below list price ), and audio books. This is one of the most trusted ebook places on the web.

CafeScribe - CafeScribe offers a large collection of textbooks in e-Book form. It offers books at half their retail price for large discounts. Students can browse, purchase and download e-Books they need for any class. The site is also a social network. Giving CafeScribe an ability allowing you to form online study groups and share notes with other fellow students. Here you can also publish, share, and annotate your own PDF document files. Users can download the MyScribe software that allows you to view and read the digital content easier, and includes tools that let you annotate and make notes. Many students like to have two books open at the same time; you can keep multiple e-Books open with tabs (like the firefox tabbed browser) using MyScribe.


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