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Dream House Comes True

Updated on September 18, 2009

A Child's Dream

Think back when you were a child playing "house." The three little pigs taught us to build our house of brick. This represents strength, solidity, strong character, durability, unshakable, strong foundation, longevity, etc. As a child, I dreamt of having a brick house which would stand forever against the winds of life. Size didn't matter. The floor plan didn't matter. Where it would be located didn't matter. Color didn't matter. However, the brick house had to be a home. A place where my family would be safe, comfortable, happy, joyful, and overflowing with love.

The house would be structured like a typical one with windows, doors, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and family room. The same rooms we (six siblings) had growing up. Our home was brick and full of love. The big bad wolf visited us in many forms, yet by the grace of God it still stood firm. Some of the winds included the difficult times we experienced during my parents' divorce. My dream house was not shaken, instead it remained steady. Love was the mortar that kept our family together.

Pursuit of the Dream

I grew up with the dream and a desire to improve upon it. My first home was stucco which crushed under a divorce. The second one was all brick, yet lacked enough bathrooms and bedrooms for a growing family. The third one would have been too expensive for us to build all brick in the location we chose, so it was designed partially brick. The lose of jobs and threats on our health made it essential to relocate temporarily until we could find another brick home.

We recently bought our dream house and have made it our home. It represents peace, love, and joy. It's size doesn't matter. Color doesn't matter. Location doesn't matter. The floor plan doesn't matter. What matters is that it's foundation is love.

The Sign of Love

When shopping for our home, spiritual energy was important. An energy from our Creator as an indicator the house would be built on a solid foundation, stand against the winds of life, and have an air of security and safety. A welcome plaque was the sign.

"Welcome to the Andersons" was printed on a plaque hanging on the wall which we saw as we entered the door. Goose bumps popped out all over my body when I saw the sign.  My husband's jaw dropped as he said, "How did they know we were coming?"  I wrote a note to the owner and placed it on the welcome sign, "We love this. Our last name is Anderson, too."   The next time we visited the house the owner had written on the note, "It's Yours." I took that with a double meaning and divine inferences.

Wouldn't you call this a dream come true. We bought our dream house. A home passed from one Anderson family to another Anderson family with love.


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