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Dreams Left Undone.

Updated on October 16, 2009


Many dreams left undone!


  Imagination calls me
I can hear its whispers plainly
after all these years it's waited
to reclaim the fun we'd shared
and it comes to me disguised
on stubby legs with tousled hair
somersaulting through the leaf piles
chased by giggles mixed with pleas....

that I join in full abandon
with my five-year old companion
tumbling headfirst into remnants
of the summer with my son
first pretending we are tigers
on the prowl hidden in foliage
then becoming large bulldozers
plowing through the mounds of humus
in an instant battling armies
using sticks to fire volleys
celebrating our great victory
with confetti bits of awe-dom
far too soon we clamber upward
brushing off debris left clinging
hand in hand we march together
back to the real world, supper calls
but I still can smell that sweet scent
of those leaves we crushed beneath us
that hid sentimental moments
left behind when I was small
Imagination calls me
and no longer will I linger
with my son we'll both go chasing
all those dreams I've left undone.


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