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Dress Code For Students

Updated on August 30, 2012
DD2 looks like she is wearing the attire of any other teenage American child.
DD2 looks like she is wearing the attire of any other teenage American child. | Source

A Mother's Open Protest To The School Dress Code

1.) Dress code: Employees have a new dress code for 2012-13. In addition, all high school students must wear a CASD PE uniform.
The cost is $13. Uniforms will be on sale at the school store. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Students are expected to wear proper clothing in order to create a positive school atmosphere. Students should present themselves in a manner that does not create a distraction to the educational process. Clothing worn from home in the morning will be worn for the day. Changing into other clothing, except for physical education class, will not be permitted. Students are advised of the following when selecting their school attire:

• Caps, hats, bandannas or any head covering are not acceptable within the school setting and must remain in school locker.

• Drug, tobacco, or alcohol- related shirts, shirt imprinted with vulgar, profane, indecent, inappropriate expressions, or clothing that intimidates or harasses individuals or groups are not permitted.

• Spaghetti and other narrow strapped shirts, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, or half shirts are not to be worn.

• Extremely short or tight clothing is not to be worn.

• Shirts that expose the midriff are not to be worn.

• Pants should be worn at the waistline and, if necessary, secured with a belt.

• Pants worn so that underclothing is visible are inappropriate.

• No gang related attire, such as jackets, bandannas, or headwear of any kind will be permitted.

• Chains, dog collars, or spiked jewelry/accessories are not permitted.

• No pajamas or slippers.

• No holes are permitted above the knee when students stand.

• No undergarments can be seen.


Do those rules look unreasonable?

I think they are perfectly reasonable. My middle child came home today on her fourth day back to public school. She was extremely upset. When she told me why, I can totally sympathize with her.

According to her second period teacher, her clothes were unacceptable and in violation of the dress code. She was wearing an Aeropostle t-shirt, a cami and a pair of jeans. Does that sound like unacceptable?

Apparently children are not allowed to wear jeans (skinny or regular- either too tight or too baggy), sweatpants, yoga pants, skirts or wear shirts lower than 4 fingers from the neckline. Have you seen the clothing the stores sell for females? Do they even make shirts that are that high cut? My daughter is "busty." There is nothing I can do to conceal "the girls." Even if she were to wear a turtleneck, attention would be drawn to her assets. What in the world is left for her to wear? A burka?

I agree young ladies should not wear clothing that is too revealing. But please trust my judgement as a parent to know what is appropriate for my child to wear to school and what is not appropriate attire for school. I remember being a teenager. We could wear jeans as tight or loose as we wanted. We could wear sweatpants. We even wore off the shoulder belly shirts.

If the district is going to mandate what teenagers CAN NOT wear to school, please give parents some advice as to what they CAN wear. If clothing is going to be regulated, I feel that ALL STUDENTS should be required to wear uniforms. A nice white or blue polo and khaki or blue pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers and nothing else.

The above information for the district dress code was found online. The first source was from the local newspaper from 8/21/12. The article mentions the dress code and states it is for staff. No mention of the dress code for students was made. The second source is a copy of the dress code from the student handbook; The handbook online is from last year. The handbook in my child's 2012-13 agenda is the same as the one from last year. Again, no mention of the change to the dress code is made. I spent $500 on clothing for one child to attend school, don't you think the school should have notified parents prior to the first day of school?

Schools, if you are going to be so ridiculous, PLEASE make school uniforms mandatory, It would make everyone's life so much easier. Kids wouldn't manipulate parents to buy the brand clothing, schools would be happy because the clothing distraction would be gone, and parents would be happy because school uniforms would make back to school shopping easier and in the long run, cheaper.





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