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Cannabis - Questions and Answers

Updated on April 11, 2015

Drugs in Adolescence

The use of drugs in adolescence is extremely dangerous addiction that may cause serious health problems and even may lead to death. It is important for everyone to know, what are the side affects of drugs. Seeing drug dealers almost in every school on day basis definitely affects our kids negatively.

Depression in adolescence can lead to drug use along with misguidance and indifference of the parents. One of the most "popular" drug among teenager and adults around the world is considered Cannabis. It is believed that Cannabis/ Hashish in not harmful even if it is used on daily basis. In order to fully understand and to be able to judge, lets review and answer to some questions of teenagers concerning this particular drug.

  • Which are the side effects of hashish in sex?

The use of hashish and other addictive substances such as alcohol, sedatives and amphetamines, besides the addiction problems, can also cause a number of complications in a psychological level. It is stated that Hashish may cause erectile dysfunction due to venous occlusion (which is also called veno-occlusive dysfunction) within male population, while women may experience the irregularity of menstrual cycle.


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How to Help Drug Users

  • How to help someone who is using cannabis?

Many times it is difficult to find out, if someone we care, is using substances. It is even harder to take drastic measures that would help someone to give up drugs.
Generally we should not:

· Try any forms of emotional blackmail like "If you truly love me you will stop using drugs" or "I'll leave you if you do not stop ."

· Do not try to keep him/her away by force from friends or other people that are considered as "bad influence."

· Do not try to restrict the access to the dope by throwing for example any amount found in the toilet and do not hide his/her money.

· Do not try to be the "psychologist" by asking whether he/ she is experiencing any problems or if there is any emotional issue, - even the drug user doesn't know the reason.

· Do not criticize such behavior, because he/she will lose the confidence in you.

What we must do is to show that we are willing to help. This of course doesn't mean that we accept such behavior, we just have to show that we respect his/her choices.

The goal is to maintain the confidence and stay close to drug addict in order to be able to help. The only way to help a person is to make him/her realize the necessity of a specialist and then support every effort he/ she makes. Show your concerns and point out the negative side effects of drug use. The first step is to admit that there is a problem. Especially in the case of hashish there are many myths that imply the harmless of the substance. These myths are based on the fact that the drug does not cause direct organ damage. Which of course is not truth. Even a simple cigarette can cause lung cancer to a long term smokers.

  • When I tried hashish I had panic attacks.

Hashish can cause mild forms of depression, anxiety and irritability if it is used on daily basis. Large doses of a drug can cause medium to severe anxiety and panic attacks, however, anxiety disorders due to substances do not exceed in duration of four weeks after quitting the drug. But even an experience of a single panic attack sometimes is enough to create a possibility of developing mental disorder. The initial experience of panic attack can be caused by random factors such as malaise, fatigue. The influence of a psychoactive substance can easily multiply the feeling. Panic attacks are usually associated with misinterpretation of how we perceive the sensations of our own body. The significance of such emotion is destructive because it increases our anxiety, which in return causes even more intense panic.

I did use hashish and I was terrified by the symptoms.

Many times cannabis is mixed with foreign substances. In order to achieve more powerful effect drug dealers collect the plant before it is ready for use and mix it with other substances. It is advised to work with specialist who can determine the exact nature of these symptoms. It is more likely when using drugs we experience some kind of hallucination that can cause many terrifying symptoms.

Child in Drug Plantation


Fight with long drug adictions

  • Is there any hope for someone who uses hashish for long time?

Yes of course. Many times, we believe that receiving professional assistance might not be enough and in such cases. It may also be useful to look for alternative sources or even for different models of intervention, although we all know that dealing with any kind of addiction is difficult. If you want to stop drug use you can always contact special centers that will help you find an alternative way to deal with it.

  • I've heard that using cannabis is not harmful and it can be easily controlled.

Drugs are not safe. We cannot deny that some substances are safer than others and definitely some patterns are more functional than others, but studies have shown that inserting any drug substance within our bodies might break psychological barriers/doors, which might lead to uncontrollable situations under the psychological pressure in the future. A long-term use of hashish can and will cause anxiety disorders and very serious psycho-pathological manifestations.

  • I use hashish for long time and I have insecurities and phobias.

Try to completely stop using hashish and observe the changes that will occur after about four weeks. If insecurities and fears still persist you should investigate other causes of the problem in collaboration with a specialist. Most likely long term use of cannabis opened that psychological door mentioned above and created the symptoms.

  • Can hashish have a permanent effect on brain functions?

There is a phenomenon called " hashish dementia", which is mostly observed in eastern countries and only in cases of extremely long-term use.

  • How long after the use it can be detected in tests?

The essences of cannabis can be detected for a period of two weeks in the urine and up to six weeks in the blood.

Drug treatment programm

  • How to behave to someone who is in drug treatment program?

The cessation from substance use is an extremely difficult and sensitive process. In the beginning it is believed that a full support is essential in recovery process. We always can help in practical matters by taking care of person without treating him/ her as sick. We can make arrangements with the program expert who will inform us about proper care. We can also offer our help if we want to interfere in the rehabbing process. The assistant will guide us through the whole process.

Hashish might not be the strongest drug but it definitely can create a lot of problems and more likely it might worsen already existed mental disorders that will affect the quality of our lives. So before starting the drugs, ask yourself..

Do I really want unhealthy life associated with mental disorders?


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