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Du Ri Du Ri Dundalamma.

Updated on February 21, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Du Ri Du Ri Dundalamma.

Experience this Du Ri Du Ri

3rd in the family but first to work for mother.Mother has to cook for 7 persons,do her pooja for hours.One sister to help in kitchen the other sister to fetch drinking water from a far off place making several trips as she could carry only about 15 liters and our requirement was a minimum of 100 liters for drinking and cooking.My only younger brother was nowhere around when my mother had some job to do.He would appear from no where if the word Potato was yeeled only once.

During our time 50 years ago there was no Radio let alone TV or Tape Recorder/player,even Gramophone was a picture for us.To put my little sister to sleep we had a cradle made at home with a rope fixed and we could hold the rope and swing the cradle,but the baby sister would not close her eyes and sleep,if we switch off the lights she would cry.So we had to sing a song to make her sleep.Film songs we could hear only in cinimas.Todays baby sleep with songs from Digital Surround sound system with ear shattering sound or a soothing sound.We had to sing the song to make baby's sleep.Father makes baby's only during those days.During day we had maid servents from the textile mill where my father was working.There was a male helper also who was looking after our cows,but during nights they were not there.We had to put the baby to sleep.Mother would be free only after 9 PM. Baby would sleep before that time and even if it did not it was forced to sleep by swinging the cradle and singing the song as we liked to the ready lyric of baby's song as under:-

(1) Du Ri Du Ri Dundalamma - 2 times

(2) Ya Ra Mane Ge Hoga Lamma - 1 time.

(3) Yara Du Ra Ke La mma - 1 time

Repeat (1) again - 2 times

(4) Ya Ra Hatra Hogalamma - 1 time

(5) Hey la De La Key La Be KeĀ  - 1 time

Repeat (1) 2 times.

(6) Ya Ra Ma N Ge Ho Ga Li La - 1 time

(7) Ya Ru Ye Nu Hey Ka Li La - 1 time

Repeat the whole thing again and again and again till the baby sleeps.


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