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Dummy or no dummy

Updated on April 5, 2016

Everyday a baby is born and a mother wonders whether to give their baby a dummy or not

In my experience I gave it to both my boys and believe it was the right thing to do. They would not accept anything else besides my boobs but I couldn't keep them there if they didn't need it so that's when I decided to try the dummy. For my first he had problems with latching on and sucking so couldnt quite suck the dummy properly and sometimes I'd have to hold it in till he was able to. People say if he didn't take it why did I insist. Answer is simple he was happy when I'd hold it in I knew one day he'd be able to do it on his own. He kept the dummy till he was almost 3. Some say thats a late age but he was still teething, even after he finished teething he didnt want to give it up. One day I tried to put him to sleep without one and he was fine i then took it off him, he didn't ask for it. I didn't have to make up a story like the dummy fairy came and took it because he was a big boy.

My 2nd is only 2 and he can sleep without one so I can take it off him but he's still teething and it's a comfort thing, something to chew on. I've tried giving him other things like a teddy, a small blanket but nothing works. If I didn't give it to him when teething the he would bite everything including people

It is entirely up to you whether you want to give them a dummy, just remembe this regardless of what others say YOU are the baby's mother and you know what's best. A dummy can be taken off, if you find something else that can be taken away then that's great. A thumb however is the one you have to be careful with as it cannot be taken away, it's attached to them for that reason try the dummy. People say if sucking the thumb makes them happy then so be it just be careful as I started sucking my figures as a toddler and even now at an older age I still bite both my fingers and nails


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