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Dynamic Dad Answers Call to Be Home

Updated on September 7, 2015

Without a doubt, one most wonderful day in my life was the day I met my firstborn child. A girl. Sigh. Another wonderful and miraculous came exactly 23 months later, the day her sister came into the world! So much of life was happening around me, it was difficult to realize all the changes happening within and around me as I was becoming a father. At the same time, I was also in the process of becoming something else--a doctor. Demands on my time for doctor school were enormous. Routinely, I was getting only one hour or so per day to spend with my daughters before it was my bedtime when I had to go try to get some sleep and get up early and get to school all over again. One doctor in the field asked me, "So they still putting in 16-hour days over at school?" Huh? So I was determined to keep my marriage together, raise two wonderful children and earn a doctorate. All three were top priorities for me. So the marriage came apart, the children continued to grow and do very well and work on the doctorate was on the rocks.

So here's the news: I am applying myself to be at-home dad, home school my children and financially support my household. This life change is huge and you have front row seats! I am quickly learning on all the things a man needs to be a successful parent to his children and how to earn an income too. I am learning this role and sharing what I learn. Emotional stability leaps to the forefront and is easily one of the most important elements of being successful. After that, I am thinking about the cookware, clothing, educational material, recreation and quality time together with the two people I love more than anything in the world. This journey is sure to be long but totally worth it. I will do anything I can to be the man my daughters deserve in a father.

This task is surely not for the faint of heart, as solo parenting can be as demanding as a doctor program, with an even longer course of study before expected graduation. Besides, being a dad lasts forever. This is a big deal! But a deal I am willing to make! The success I am working to achieve is mine for the taking. What has seemed very simple, though not easy, is just to make up my own mind. What is it I really want more than anything? I want a loving, close relationship with my children. To be financially stable and supportive in all the ways a parent should. So this is the next level. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is my life. I am a father of two wonderful children who deserve my love and respect and attention. I am answering the call to be home!

If you think I have my stuff together or have it all figured out, I haven't! Please, comment me with what you think, plus share your advice and ideas! I can't wait to hear what other people know and have experienced. This is definitely a new chapter in my life! Thank you for reading.


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